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4/1/08 Dream

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This is the 2nd time I had seen a yellow wall in my dream.  The bright

YELLOW is what puzzles me.  Please help define!






Yellow: 867 857 786 700

Wall: 480 058 804 663

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Thanks, I so vividly see the bright yellow wall with a few holes on it

that Im going to really concentrate on these numbers.  I feel that it

it must be telling me something.  If its not a winning number, what is

it telling me?



You can expect increasing security and success in all your affairs if you dreamed of a mixture of bright colors. Individually, or if one color stood out in your dream, the significance is as follows: Blue indicates liberation from worry and/or help from outside sources. Black is an unfavorable omen, unless it is featured in a funeral or other appropriate situation, in which case it forecasts difficulties to be overcome. Brown means money luck. Bright red is a warning to curb your temper; deep red forecasts unexpected good news. Green pertains to travel or news from a distance. Gray indicates a period of marking time. Lavender or mauve foretells minor disappointment or transitory unhappiness. Orange suggests that an expected change in your situation will be delayed. Pink predicts unusually great success. Purple is a forerunner to happy social affairs. Yellow forecasts that setbacks and struggles must be endured before improvement can be achieved. White is a certain promise of success in all that concerns you. Dreams involving people of a color other than your own are generally lucky omens pertaining to money and/or business, unless the people were an exotic shade like green or blue, in which case the dream probably had a digestive origin and no significance.

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Thanks, I must keep working harder.  Im an Aries by the way

and  Hard work is my game.

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yellow -means success in all of your undertakings-336

wall-means trouble ,refrain from idle company and risky games for three days 763-773

good luck

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In response to morningstar2008

Thanks Morningstar!


I will be on the lookout for the GOOD as well as the BAD.

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youll very welcome happy to have help

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past hitters:


Yellow 095 (In 8152)



wall (Mi 448)(Ne 205)(ILL & NY *709 408)(Oh 415)


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girl wonder

wall- 905


dnt have yellow

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Energy painted -colors vibration - auras and cookware



relates to self preservation, our basic survival needs, security, acceptance and being grounded in the material world. It also relates to procreation as sexual desire. It is a color of action and drama.



is the colour of creativity, the nurturing instinct, vitality, sexuality and our ability to give birth to ideas. Red is generosity and compassion



is the seat of ego and our will and represents how we interact with the external world (anxiety is often found here). Yellow represents the way we relate to others, being true to ourselves and the intellect. note: healers are strong yellow, and bright clear yellow is indicative of overcoming fears.



is love and empathy. It is from the heart. We connect to others and heal. It is compassion, tenderness, love of the HIgher Power, the self and others. There is a secondary center of pink associated with green and violet. The pink is love unconidional and not often seen ( by me anyway) unless it involves a newborn )



is the communication, learning, telepathy and channeling, expression, universal truth, responsibility and ones vocation or calling.



-purple is the seat of the intuition, and inner sight. It relates to the qualities of deep spirituality, completeness, inspiration, insight and vision. This is the power centre of the spirit, spiritual attainment and enlightenment



is similar to Indigo, but of a higher more spiritual quality, a completeness. White and Gold correspond with violet as depicted in paintings with halos as expression of the spiritual enlightenment achieved.

A pale version of a color indicates one refuses- ignores the responsibilities associated with the core bright , clear color. A darker version of a color, maroon instead of red , olive instead of green or navy instead of clear bright blue indicates misuse of the power and qualities of the color.

Rachel Ray is a good example of color understanding. She loves bright, clear orange, surrounds heself with orange and is all about it's qualities. Creative, vital, and nurturing.

When I see a person that is close to death, a matter of days, I see them as dark navy blue. The day I saw a co-worker that had a horrible accident hours later I could not see him at all, just the blackish navy, and only recognized his voice. I don't know why that color presents to me in that situation exept it may be that blue has something to do with the transition from physical to spiritual and ability to communicate psychically.

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wall   048   790   125   9284

yellow   258   867   9783

good luck!

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In response to spookysoozy



Thanks for the info.  I love the comment below.

note: healers are strong yellow, and bright clear yellow is indicative of overcoming fears.

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