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Positive attributes of lottery games

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Coin Toss

From The Lottery Book, The Truth Behind the Numbers, by Don Catlin


What do I really think about state lotteries? I think it is opbvious from the facts I have presented that tey are bad bets. that doesn't mean that I think you shouldn't play lottery games. Lottery games have some positive attributes:

* If you are prudent, they are an inexpensive way to have a little gambling entertainment.

* When you gamble in this way - opposed to at a casino - you don't have to listen to some sweaty ploppy* criticize your play while blowing smoke in your face.

* If you get lucky and then use your head, your life will be fantastic.

* If you lose, the money is going to good causes.

* Dreaming the impossible dream is healthy fun.

(*Ploppy, This is a term coined by Frank Scoblete in his book Best Blacjack. It is a catchall term for gamblers who are stupid or distasteful in some way. Great word!)

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In response to Coin Toss

everthying in life has a good and bad side....i do agree with you on the things above and if one plays $1 or $2 for fun than its good....however they do have many negatives too...addiction..and even if you win there is no guarantee life will be fantastic..many people have broken up with loved ones over money issues etc etc...

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In response to benmas

That's why he said, and then use your head.

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