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Jack Gillen Predicts for all forms of Speculation

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Greetings Seekers,,

Recently, I have received several PM & email inqueries about the Jack & Tom Gillen predictions, so as my computer problems plague me, I am quicly reposting a direct message/response  from one of their users.

This is intended for out of the box investigators:


"Hi Tom,

Thank you for getting the information to me on time. I wanted to key one
V horse and one Astro horse in the Florida Derby. I took 4 and 12 with
your top seven, and collected $2,916.40, with a $200.00 investment. Are
you going to post any more of the V and Astro horses? I can now afford a
horse racing computer. Please let me know when one becomes available.


Hi Bob,

Happy to hear you won. I made an error in the 11th race. I thought #1a
was scratched, and it was not. This gave us three astro horses...1, 2,
and 5. The astro horses won nine of the 12 races. One astro horse came
in second, and only two V horses won. Unfortunately, I will not longer
be at the forum, and will be giving a final report on the history of the
different Psion horse racing computers. I will put you on the list, and
let you know when one becomes available.


Hope you find this useful or at least interesting.


Peace & Prosperity,

EddessaKnight Sun Smiley

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