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First, I dream of going to a friend house, not sure of the house.  I proceed to the room.  My friend Marc yell at me and told me he was busy.  I left and went outside.  I had keys in my hand and look and see that my car was a very pretty car.  As I was waited I outside I saw several men leaving the house.

Secondly.  in the same dream I was putting a baby to sleep.  I turn the baby to her side she continued to sleep and making little movements.  I know that it was a girl because I saw a pink sweater on th baby.

Finally, I'm in a car (not sure who's car) I'm in the back seat  and I'm playing with this baby and a woman is next to me.  Not sure if this baby was a boy or girl.


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In response to yougotit7

Try 130 an 120

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I will try them!  Thanks Janet40!



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In response to Janet40

Thanks Jant40!


WTG!  GA EVE/130 straight.  I manage to get the 130 just the way you said it!

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hi yougotit7 here is your answer for your dream

friend -meams a change in yuor life-873-0109

house-means you will be compelled to repair some fault-787-5935

room- means augurs much wealth-170-3527

yell-means good mews 760-7104

keys-means many travels to the dreamer -698-5980

hand-meams much bitterness will be poured in your cup -990-3428

car-mmeans youll successfully gain prosperity -167-2766

men -means you willthwart an enemy- 208-8647

baby -means an omen of an early marriage- 020-5594

sleep- mean happiness and much wealth-391-1980

girl-means augurs that you will marry a wealthy partner-873-2291

women-means the finger of suspicion is pointedat you -294-2436

sweater -means ordinary circumstances -564-1778

i hope that this will help you with your dreams ,good luck and bless you


Ga evening 130 straight!

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In response to chouquounette

got it straight!  130

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