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?? Would you pay for a System that ...

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 Would you pay for a Pick -3 System that hits Straights only..... using 20% of the numbers for 20 draws .....and had a successful hit rate of  45% on  ( Straights ONLY)  ?   


 If ......  you actually saw it work for 20 straight days in a row (Demo) with your own eyes.... with that result of 45% Straight Order Wins...  then what would you pay?   


       How many of you think that would be a good deal ?

                 Starting bid is at $1000.00 

       The Bidding will be open for 1hour only.


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NO! Any system can hit 45% of the time if it includes enough combinations.

It has to make a profit to be worth paying for.

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In response to WIN D

20% of the total 1000 numbers?

Wouldn't you go in the hole waiting on the 45% hit rate?


Say 20% of the 1000 would be playing 200 numbers a draw...

Then 45 times out of 100 draws it would hit?

I probably would not invest in that program.

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In response to WIN D

   45 ying and 1 peso....!

April Fools Laugh


No, actually it would be worth it's weight if it hit almost every other day.

$39.95 and not a penny higher..!     Craps 

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1000 = 100%

1000/100= 10 = 1%

10 X 45 = 450

Won $500, Spent $450 = $50 Profit.

Is that right or did I make a mistake?

Very good for playing online at $900 to $1, but very risky also.

If it quits working you would lose a lot of money.


If it works as good as that it would sure beat random, just make very little profit or no profit and or maybe lose money offline.


I suggest that if it is true to use it only online.


Try to increase the hits to about 60% and or reduce the combos to about 150 or so or both. 

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 So....    ONLY  5 MINS LEFT TO BID !   

   NO one thinks it's a good deal so far. At least no one has put any money down .....yet. 

   This is no trick. This is actually a real deal !  Last chance ..  White Bounce 

     You always knew if a real deal came down the pike would miss it didn't you?  And....... you did    LOL   

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        Times Up !  Check mate !



                            .... and the answer is ..... It was the "real deal"... and it actually worked!   



                You shoulda' at least ask for the demo.  Some one shoulda' done a little math too.                     


Let's see now...

20% of 1000 equals 200 sets.

200 sets times 20 days is 4000 bucks.

Hits everyday but at 45%

500 bucks times 20 days equals 10,000 bucks but only hits 45% of the time.

50% of 10,000 equals 5,000 bucks won. 45% hit rate would equal 4,500 bucks win.

Cost= 4,000

net = 4,500

net 500 bucks in 20 days, that is 250 in 10 days, and 125 in 5 days.

Daily net equals 25 bucks a day net.

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In response to WIN D

I doubt most people here would pay $1,000 for any system. I know I am one of those people. I would use a $1,000 to buy tickets. 


This is no trick. This is actually a real deal !

Lucky for you I just happen to have $1000 burning a hole in my pocket as we speak and it's all yours. :)

But first, how about posting some predictions for the next 45 days to prove that your real deal works? New York's numbers would be great but the state doesn't matter for now.


Let me just say that the previous post was only meant as a joke, I don't really have a $1000 to spend on any lottery system right now but if you post predictions that proves your system works then you might get some takers. Btw will you allow people to try a demo of it?

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In response to LottoBuster

            So..... your saying ....if this is true.... you think it would be worth the money?  If someone were to just show it to you .... You would believe it then right?   

                                                      Or not ?  Approve

          I say maybe.... maybe you would.  I say a lot of people have already seen such a thing and didn't even stop to think about it.  Most people would skip right over it and never think about it again.



It would be worth it if it does what you're claiming since that would mean a consistent profit. But rather than charge $1000 to only one person why not sell it at $200 or less to a limited number of people?

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In response to LottoBuster

 OK.... OK ....   I'll show you the stuff LottoBuster.  Since you at least see the merit and profit in such a thing.

                  If promise (your word)  not to say anything ....unless I give you the OK.


                      If do give your word I can show you with out having to wait 45 days. I can show you today.  

                                                                Deal or No Deal ? 



My word, scout's honor, I won't give anything away.

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