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Pick-3 for Dummies SUN 03/30/2008

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mjwinsmith's avatar - moon
In response to mjwinsmith
mjwinsmithMarylandPick 33-Way Box8-8-08-0-8$80
mjwinsmithMarylandPick 33-Way Box0-8-88-0-8$80
mjwinsmithMarylandPick 3Straight + 3-Way Box8-0-88-0-8$330
mjwinsmithMichiganMidday 36-Way Box6-9-56-5-9$40
mjwinsmithNew JerseyMidday Pick 33-Way Box2-2-11-2-2$80
mjwinsmithNew JerseyMidday Pick 33-Way Box2-1-21-2-2$80
mjwinsmithNew JerseyMidday Pick 3Straight + 3-Way Box1-2-21-2-2$330
mjwinsmithWashington, D.C.Lucky Numbers6-Way Box5-6-44-6-5$40
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