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Best Bet in North America ! Saturday Noon/only $7.50

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  IN .... split pair  1x6 

  116 166 106 126 136   146 156 176 186 196


  CA.     split pair 7x9    779 799 719 729  etc.


  NJ.     Front pair 21x      211 212 210 213 214  etc.



  Thats 30 plays all together for Midday today. Cost of 7.50

  These are Straight Plays!  Not Box .... nooooo

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                                              Just like when the Germans attacked Pearl Harbor !  

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                                                               Let's get going .... yeah ...hhhhh   






  Seriously.... All 30 of those Straights are out a minimum of 714 draws !

  Where is everybody ? I can't believe there is no one left that even wonders about these....or is even curious enough about these  to talk about them . It's our hobby right? Maybe not.... 

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I gotcha

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Very Interesting Win D!!

Thank you for all your time in researching

this info.

Can't wait to see the results.

If they don't fall today, they are definitely worth

keeping in for a few days!

 Thank You 

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