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Close in Florida Fantasy 5


I would love to be able to win a Fantasy 5.  I have not been able to even get close.  I have had three numbers before ($9.50) but that is it.  I would even take a four number hit ($5000+).

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I'm betting a lot of us would take 4/5 Hyper


There's another thread on whether people consider pick 5 games difficult, and the vast majority said, "YES IT IS". Sure the odds a lot better than the jackpot games, but that doesn't say much. The odds are still considerably against you. I've never even got 3/5 so consider yourself lucky and just keep trying :)

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Getting 4 out of 5 in Fantasy five will never come close to 5,000 bucks. Usually, when there is a roll down, the amount can be as high as 1,500, but probably not much more than that.

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Once again, you are correct.  I was looking at the 5 out of 6 for $5000+.  Sorry!

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