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Firefox users: You can get EV support for secure pages

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I posted last week about Lottery Post's new EV certificate, which is an advanced type of certificate that ensures that you are dealing with a fully-vetted (i.e., legitimate) company.

EV certficates are currently supported in IE7, and they will be supported in the near future in Firefox 3 and Opera.

However, Firefox 1.5 and 2.0 users can get EV support right now, by installing a simple plug-in.

I have installed and tested the plug-in myself, and it seems to work perfectly.  Now when I go to the Lottery Post Log In page using Firefox 2.0, my browser bar turns green, and I get the additional EV company information button.

Naturally, it's not just for Lottery Post.  ANY site with an EV certificate is supported — for example, PayPal also uses EV.

To install the plug-in:

  1. Be sure you are using your Firefox 1.5 or 2.0 browser.
  2. Click this link:
  3. Click the Install Now button.
  4. A plug-in download window opens, and when the plug-in is finished downloading, click the Install button.
  5. Click the button to restart your browser.

After doing these steps, you should be all set.  You'll see a window at some point indicating that Verisign is updating your root certificates, but it's just an informational window, and it finishes quickly after you click OK.

Even if LP did not have the EV certificate, I would still recommend that all Firefox users install this plug-in.  It is extremely comforting to make a purchase or do a Log In with that green bar indicating your security.

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I just looked back and saw how few views there were for this topic.

I guess the reason I'm surprised is that security topics tend to be so popular among LP members.  EV support is great in order to help avoid phishing scams, among other things.  I hope more people get a chance to see this.

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In response to Todd

Read the reviews on this before installing just in case you run into any of these problems

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Todd I was just wondering if you have tried Maxthon here on lotterypost to see how it works for you? I have been using it on lotterypost now for about well since I signed up. I can copy and past from excel without any problems and it seems to run well with the site. I use the classic version of this browers dont like the new one.

Thanks and have a great day

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I posted a few weeks ago about that browser.  I think it was in the blogs.

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In response to dewman48

I did.  It works fine.

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