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Roach Dream


Me and my grandmother were in my aunt's kitchen (address is 1243 12th St.) My aunt was cooking for us. She was baking chicken in the oven and she told us that she wanted a few nuts. My grandmother handed her an empty peanut jar. She poured sweet potatoes into a bowl. She threw one away b/c a roach was on it. There was also another roach hanging off the end of the table (end of dream)**I am calling this a roach dream b/c I woke up and asked a friend about the dream and he dreamt about roaches as well 2 days of the numbers in his dream book is 555***

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roach   736   410  141  6419

good luck!

btw, i love your 1243, its Bird's prediciton # also!

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these fell in the past from LP members predictions:

roach  Ga 995 (Fl 455) (Ct & Oh 736)

note 995 is also an Easter number and likes triples as well.

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Thanks Spooky.... and AGF... for the numbers. My sister, cousin and nephew birthday has fallen since Friday until today. I figured another family member's would come---just didn't know who. That 410 is my niece b-day.  Finances have me on some trips..... and doubles right now-- a smaller investment with a higher return.   So that Easter double is right on time too!

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To see roaches in your dream, represents an undesirable aspect of yourself in which you need to confront.  Alternatively, it may be a pun for smoking marijuana. On a positive note, roaches may also be symbolic of tenacity and longevity.

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 hey gagirl.

I had a dream about roaches also. check out this may help

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grandma  267  410   776   6540

aunt   145   382  398   6312

chicken   212   360   711   8124

bake   220   465   621   7119

nuts   110   343   026   6500

table   411   623   049   4703

pour  110

empty   067

jar   811   233   248   6936

good luck!

sweet potatoes   576

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In response to gagirl

Roach 399 934  6674

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!

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