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BLOG CHANGE: Please vote on this proposed change

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I am in the process of updating the text editor in the blogs system to use the latest version of the rich text editor.

In the process of upgrading the text editor (which requires a complete rewrite of the page), I am reviewing the necessity of keeping the "Mood" & "Now Playing" entry spaces.

I have noticed for several years now that those space rarely are used, and in fact the premium blogs don't even display anything entered in them.  Myself, I can't even remember the last time I entered something in them.

So I was going to nix them, but I thought it might not be a bad idea to see what you thought first.

Is there a reason I should keep them?  Or do you think they're a waste of space?  (Again, I am trending toward getting rid of them, so if you're wishy-washy on the subject, please just give this a "yes" vote.)

Thanks for your input!


I used them when I first joined, but then realized that no one really cared what I was playing in the backround or what mood I was in. I'd think they'd know what mood I was in by the blog entry

I voted yes.

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That has always been useless to me, better to enter a little audio into the message, at least a few words per post.

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Yes - remove.

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I personally enjoy seeing what kind of music others listen to.  You can tell alot about a person by what kind of music they listen to.  So I voted to keep them. 

I can usually tell what mood they are in by the blog, though, so that one is useless to me as well.



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How about a "You-Tube Favorite"

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Yeah, I think you should remove it. IMO, It's not a big necessity.

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I agree. 

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Yes remove, please.  Someone can preface the body of their post by stating that information first if important to them.

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By all means, remove them. 

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I voted yes to remove it. I don't blog that much anyway.

Libra Dave

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I voted yes, however, it really doesn't bother me to have it there.  I dont read to see what kind of mood someone is in or what they are listening to at the time of the blog.


My mood doesn't change much anyway.   I am determine to be happy.Smile


yes, remove. I rarely pay any attention to that.

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I couldn't vote, because I use it 80% - 90% of the time, I do read it on others' blog when I read them, but I don't want you to have to do more work. So I guess I am saying I agree to have it removed.

I can always add it to my own blog, when you remove it, so I gave my response, but I was torn and could not vote. Smiley

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