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dont forget that 174 straight everyone

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dont forget about this number everyone 174 straight..add this to your plays..maybe she will show in your state..good luck to all of you..

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Excellent pick especially for South Carolina Players....

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 Thanks for the reminder, the 4 and 7 are cold digits for GA midday maybe the 174 will fall today in GA 

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I Agree!

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NYSlugger 777

It was only one digit off tonight.... it was 173 straight.

That could be a signal that 174 may hit in another state possibly soon......Leaving Then again if I play it straight only It might be a dissapointment if it hits boxed so i'll play it boxed & straight just to be on the safe side.....

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New Mexico evening March 28th 174 straight..took a little longer than I wanted but she showed..

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