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Lightning struck twice, twice.


You may remember way back I won $30 twice on Win For Life in Virginia, for a total of $60. Well, I did the exact same thing last night, in Kentucky. Well, I bought it in KY last week, I was in the Huntington area, so I was really in Pennsylvania. But still, another $60, the same way I did it almost two years ago.

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Congratulations!  BTW have you seen that Mountain Dew commercial where the women are out doing dangerously crazy stuff in a thunderstorm and only the men reporting get struck, it is quite funny. 

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Congrats! That is lucky. Yes Nod

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Am I missing something here?I mean,$60 dollars isn't exactly an earth shattering amount of money to win.

Doing it twice in 2 years isn't something most people would write home about.Crazy

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I don't think it's so much about the amount, rather the timing and the context of two separate events.

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Nice job JS9, congratulations!! Thumbs Up

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For some people it is a big deal though. I tend to only pay jackpot games and it makes me happy to win something since the odds are so huge.

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My mistake.I didn't  realize Win For Life was a jackpot type game in some states.On occasion I play a $2 scratch off game by the same name in Illinois.$60 would be a lower tier win in that game and can be won quite often.I apologize for my ignorance.I only play scratchers,Powerball and Mega Millions.Other lottery games don't interest me.

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In response to JimmySand9

Tell us JS9>>>>>>>>how you chose your ######-(B)???????

Did you follow love2005 on the LP JP thread ????????????????????

Did you "just bought a Quick-Pick for >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FUN & GAME???

Did the bonos number help YOU out>>>>>>>>>>>>>???????????

CONGRAT'sssssssssssstooooooooUR WHEEL>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOW much did U spend to WIN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>????????????



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