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what are the odds on this 1?? unreal!!

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tungsten chef

canada 6-49 tonight....

23-40-41-42-44-45 b 43

6 40's!! and basically all in sequential order.

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for a 6/49 game 1 low/5 highs is expected 7.6% of time, furthermore any five numbers in a decade category is expected ~0.3% of time, combine those two % with a 3-2-1 consecutive pattern that is expected ~0.6% of the time and i think it filters down to about ~1500 combos..out of 13,983,816...

PA Match 6/49 had this on 12/25/07: 24-25-26-27-48-49 and it was won...

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That happen last year in Ohio Classic Lotto (6/49)
04/11/07 - 31 32 33 34 35 43

Use to happen every year in West Virgina Cash25 (6/25)
02/16/06 - 11 12 13 14 15 18
04/30/04 - 05 12 13 14 15 16
06/20/03 - 02 03 04 05 06 10
11/12/02 - 01 09 10 11 12 13
12/28/01 - 07 08 09 10 11 25

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In response to tungsten chef

That is odd. I see that it has happened a lot the W.V. game, but that game has a lot less numbers then a 6/49 game.

KY Floyd

The odds are exactly the same as for any of the other combinations.

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In response to KY Floyd

yes you're right the overall odds are same...what makes it a bit unusual in predicting smth like that is that the expectations for 5 balls to be in one decade and to have 3 repeats + 2 repeats are quite a low % of total combos...low % means it will come out very rarely (the game is performing about the statistical expectations its just that we don't see it too often that we say its unreal)

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I think numbers like that are why quickpicks aren't a bad choice. I doubt I would have played that combination.

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tungsten chef
In response to dvdiva

and nobody did...of course this draw wasn't won.

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Amazing Grace
In response to tungsten chef

The 5 out of 6 paid more than the 5 out of 6 plus bonus on this one 239 winners on 5 out of 6 plus the bonusnumber LOL

KY Floyd
In response to benmas

Of course it's more common to get results with a wider distribution. A wider distribution means more of the numbers could be drawn, so there are more possible combinations.  For a 6 of n game there's only one possible combination where none of the numbers is higher than 6, but 1,2,3,4,5,6 is just as likely as any combination that  most players think is "normal."  Since there are no prizes for picking a combination with numbers that have a similar distribution, the distribution is completely irrelevant. The only way to win is to pick the same specific numbers that are drawn. Do that and the distribution of those numbers doesn't matter. 

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I would expect these  ######'s from the ...RNG operatedlottery!

If PSYKO saw these bounce out of a bubble machine    ****** B * 

it would put "psykomo" back-in the

BACK in the TWILIGHT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ZONE^^

LOL & JACKPOT$$$$$$$ >>>>>>>>>>>>sooner or later !!!!!!!!!


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