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know winning codes in New york


does anyone have a list of the winning three letter codes for new york scratch off tickets ?

for eg. $2 = two

$5 = fiv , $10 = TEN




1 million = neo llioinm

jk lol

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Does New York still use that system of coding?Most states did away with coding that players can easily decipher.

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Q is a loser.  Saw too many of them. lol


I know that lottery retailers get pamphlets from their agents with that info on them along with how many top prizes are left. Anything over 500.00 will have the so called losing letters on them L,M,P,X,N,T,Y,Q,K Any combo of those letters are usually losers unless it's a big winner. If you need to know any specific codes for any amounts just ask 


good luck



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Cool... Thank you.

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NC has that same code.  I just bought 47.00 worth of scratch tickets a little while ago when I bought my pick 3 tickets and did not win one dime on any of them.

If you lose the letters are NWR, LRY,VRL,HWV or HVR......anyway if you don't see fiv, or ten or fft for fifteen etc. you know you did not win and as I scratched just a little and saw one of those letters I knew I did not win anything.

Also I always ask what the sequence no. is at the bottom of the card and I have won $100 three times on a 10 dollar card with the no. 14.......well today I bought 13 & 14 .....(won $50 on no. 13 before) but today did not win a thing on either so I am beginning to think that doesn't have a thing to do with it....I've been told many times it doesn't but when I kept winning $100 with no. 14 you couldn't tell me that

I asked at our lottery headquarters office here what the non-winning letters meant and they said they meant nothing.....guess she meant they mean you win nothing.

Sure hope I win today at pick 3 midday as I blew the $40 I won with it last to stop this non-sense of blowing it.

Thanks for listening! Smiley

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