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Latest news on Tennessee Lottery Flaw

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The Tennessee Lottery audit is finally done. I don't know why the lottery still is trying to put the blame on someone else when people like me and others contacted them after a couple of draws. Here's the story from Channel 4 in Nashville.

I also see there is no need to hold your breath waiting on them to change back to balls.

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In response to KyMystikal

You should have known that.  I didn't expect for them to go back..wonder what they are saying about that digit 3 in the first position on midday?  Out a whopping 76 or 77 draws?  Come on now!!


i always knew these idiots weren't gonna go back to balls.screw 'em.

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I think a lot of states see the future with RNG. I hate them being used here. All the games except Powerball use them in Idaho and I don't see them going to ball drawings anytime soon. No Nod I guess it is cheaper for them to use a RNG machine then do ball drawings. 

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Thats the Tennessee Lottery for you.

Crooked as the day is long.

And they have Tennessee Code Annutated helping them do it. 

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