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Is this a sign?

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Setting up for a Triple??????????



3/16/2008Late-Chicago (4-Ball, IL)8848



3/15/2008Late-New York (4-Ball, NY)2282



3/13/2008Early-Chicago (4-Ball, IL)6444



3/12/2008Miami (4-Ball, FL)9222


Like the song says "Dont be no fool stay in school let your mind become a TOOL"

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Could be in NY, as its been since Feb 8th with the trip 4's that hit there.  And with this been such a strange year in NY anything is possible!!!Blue Thinking

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Island Girl
In response to chippie

3/06/08                         Fla               7773

3/17/08                         Ga               8555

3/17/08                          Ohio           6606


WHO'S NEXT????????????????

I say play trilpes for a few days

But that only me.

Thinking of...

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Ohio also has the making for the 2222 Vtrac.

My guess would be 1666,1661.

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Island Girl

We missed a few.

3/6/08             Fla                                          7773

3/11/08          Late Michigan                       6616 

3/12/08          Late Missouri                        8444

3/12/08           Fla                                         9222

3/13/08           Early Ill                                 6444

3/13/08          Late Michigan                      6333

3/13/08          Oregon                                 1131

3/14/0/           Rhode Island                      0003

3/15/08          Late NY                                 2282

3/16/08          Late Ill                                  8848

3/1708           Ga                                          8555

3/17/08          Ohio                                     6606

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Island Girl
In response to Island Girl

Arizona              444             3/08/08

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Yes it is and every full moon and new moon watch out for them.

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Island Girl

3/19/04           Early Ill            444

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