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What do you think about this?


Tell me what you think about this idea.

I know numbers repeat, but we're mostly talking of box (when it comes to p/3).  Sometimes straights repeat, but seldom over a period of 6 month.  When you go back a year, you'll see them pop-up fairly often.  So what would happen if you were to play str. only, but eliminate all the numbers over the last six months that have been played?

Then when picking numbers you look at your high and low, as well as the even and odd.  For instance, looking at Mo. your'll see that over the last 6 mos. that 39% of the picks were HHL, and 37%  EOO.

Now if your playing q/p's, you could do away with any number picked within that 6 mo. span, and only  play the HHL and EOO.  Wouldn't this cut your odds and increase your winnings.  What do you think?

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Pick-3 probability is usually right on the mark, not wandering off so far as to suggest an advantage playing the other way.  Usually that opportunity is the next draw with a glance back in time to make sure things are as they should be.  I suggest you google the "Birthday Paradox".


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I understand what your saying, and I did google "Birthday Paradox" now my brain is a paradox.

A few years ago I check Florida p/3 and went back a full year.  I don't have the exact results, so I am just going by memory.  I was surprise how many numbers repeated in exact order.  You would think that each number would appear at least once in a thousand days, but of course it didn't.  I seen numbers that repeated as much as 12 times in a single year, while the average seem to be between 3-5 times, but of course many more didn't.

While doing this I played on paper and was surprise how many times I hit straight playing q/p's.  You might do just as well using the last 100 draws, as your numbers, I don't know.  I still believe playing 100#s at random, a game thats random, that you'll find it hard to lose a dime and chances are you would mke a tidy profit.

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