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Illinois Little Lotto 3-15-08

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Coin Toss

Last night's numbers drawn were

1  2  4  8  18

There was one winner, a QP.  (Kind of surprising that 5 low numbers produced a solo QP jackpot, usually low numbers are split jackpots and very often player selected.)

Let's call the first number, 1, "base", or X.

This would give us:

X times 2 = 2

times 2 = 4

times 2 = 8

+ 10 = 18.

So X x's 2 X's 2 X's 2  + 10 = 1  2  4  8  18

Call it another from of "lotto math" as it's not exactly a real algebraic formula, and of course you have to get the first digit right to apply anything even close to something like this, but I wonder if this kind of approach is better than playing numbers or patterns.

As this is a 5/39 game, of course you would have to make some kind of rule about whan an answer goes over 39.  

If only something like this showed any signs of consistency! 

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