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Can't pick just one

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   Good Morning Friends  -

            I was sitting at the Pick 3 Forum trying to pick just 1 for today, and I just can't do it.  Too many numbers rumbling around in my head.  Just made a quick run in town and the BOAW was 1 and 2.  The 1 was very in my face, and the last time that happened, DE got 111, and I think I missed it.  Anyway, not just BOAW today -   


               I have Bird's 177 kicking me a little too.

                                 Because of the Cancer Moon, I'll probably play 2277, maybe 227.

                   Favorite triples 111-222-333-444

              Because Mercury moves today, I'm investing a dollar on 5718 and a box on 1178.

                  The Double/Doubles are not done yet.  I'm hoping the 4400 will drop for DE - everyone else seems to have enjoyed the experience but us.

     All that said, the Cancer Moon traditionally is not very profitable to this Gemini. I typically have to wait, but I'm thinking Mercury and Pisces role on the day will overshadow the Moon.  Oh yes, one last note- I got a QP on the 4-digit - 1181. 

              We have a small triples window these next several days, most spent with the Cancer Moon (2s, 7s).  But will Pisces (3s, 7s) continue to rule?  The last trip I saw today was 333.   Sun Smiley

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