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Ive played about all lottery games out there-And gotta say that the scratch off instant tickets in better words-rots-because i have bought them over and over-but yet-havent ever won above $100.00 Ive won more on easy picks on the pick 3 and 4 than on anything elese-And beleave me-living here in VT were not no big time spenders-not with what there is for jobs in this state-Can someone fill me in on a easy system for picking my dailey pick three and four numbers-All im doing is-becoming more broke than i allready am-Or whats the best one to buy-Since theres all kinds out there-Thank You

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In my opinion, scratch-offs are a bad bet.  Did you ever take the time to read the odds for each game that are listed on the back of the scratch-off tickets?   They're ridiculous.  If you buy one scratch-off here and there, as a lark, maybe, that's just a fun way to spend a buck if you want. But most scratch-offs have worse odds than Quick Picks on the Pick 3.

You can buy a qp for Pick 3, straight, and the odds are 1000 to 1 against you, but you are looking at a $500 win for a buck.  Some of the scratch-offs I've seen for that same buck have odds of thousands (and even hundred thousand) to one against you just to win $100.

Look at the odds before you buy, no matter what you are playing.  Play the best odds you can.  If you play Jackpot games (like Powerball, etc.) the odds of winning the jackpot are so high, don't spend more than a couple of bucks and just try and enjoy the process. DOn't expect anything, because you'll just be disappointed.

As far as an easy system to play Pick 3 and P4, just search those forums here on Lottery Post.  There are many such systems.  None of them are necessarily any more efficient than others.  Remember, you have to limit your number of combinations played or you could end up "winning" and still have lost money.  Playing 50 combos a day IMHO is just financial suicide.

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Have you tried the Pick 3 Forum. Ask the "LotteryQueen" for help. I hear she's one of the best.

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Stay clear of scratch  offs.  Those will suck you dry.

Study your states and read numbers from beginning of your lottery to future.  Digest what you are reading.  Read it again if necessary.  Reading numbers are boring untill you see the patterns.. Then you read them some more.  Begin playing on paper... 10 #s or less..   Then take the plunge.  Remember to save all that money you were spending on Scratch offs.  That money will be useful when you take the plunge.

Good luck.

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Try wheeling your numbers from 0 to 9:  In any order you want to begin with: for  instance......

  2  4  6  8  0  1  3  5  7 9

  4  6  8  0  1  3  5  7  9  2

  6  8  0  1  3  5  7  9  2  4

  8  0  1  3  5  7  9  2  4  6

 Now , ten numbers are up there from left to right ...and there are now 10 columns....

the numbers from top to bottom will be your ten picks for the next drawing.

 You can change the order from left to right anytime your ready.

Lets see if what I picked  will come in in any state your interested in....any takers?

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HEADS UP!   I have noticed ,also, that in checking back winners in the pick 4...that the winning combo has usually if not most of the time that numbers come in sequential order of two and sometimes three

meaning that    23xx  45xx   67xx  89xx  90xx   or 789x 901x  123x or

                          32xx 54xx   76xx   98xx  09xx       987x 109x  321x

                                                                                879x 901x  231x  or any combination of such

sequential numbers will appear on most drawings. Just check out past winners in your state and see if that is true for you also.

Also , save your money and create your own system. These are just things that I have noticed in the pick 4 games.   

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For instance:

                                8  9  4  5  0  1  6  7  2  3

                                 9  4  5  0  1  6  7  2  3  8

                                 4  5  0  1  6  7  2  3   8  9

                                 5  0  1  6  7  2  3  8   9  4

  Again , ten numbers across and ten columns producing your pick 4 combos.

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