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Ga Eve

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Good thru Sunday.


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Thanks so much, Dead_Aim!!

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In response to Dead_Aim

Hello DA

Now then......  this was a special deal...   Whats the inspiration DA ?   

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In response to WIN D

You are welcome AGF. Big Smile

Win D, I am taking it easy until Sunday and have time to do a little more filtering, so I thought I would put a few up the way I would like to do all the states. Let us see if it pays off.

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 Thanks for the quick reply .... I was curious because of something strange thats going on right now with EVE draws.

 Notice that eve has had at least one or two digit returns ....every single draw for 14 days! 

 Thought that it might have something to do with that ......  or maybe sum 21 being out for 100 days.   Thinking that one of those events got you going . LOL  

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