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Hey Bird - Missing you!

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   I may have missed the post wherein Bird mentioned he might be away from the computer, but too many days out now without a post, so need to find our Bird!     On my mind friend, just on my mind.   Jake

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Ms. Pat

I Agree!

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Yes  Bird-----  Hope all is well with you ?!!!

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really missing bird, where are you?

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Knock Knock....Bandit

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blessings to you all-thank you for caring my job is moving from one place to another and it has been some long days I have a blackberry for my emails but none nothing for lp so lets see what I see.6987,412,108 lovin these now my birthday is approaching 325 and usually it will appeaer in all games as well as my name 870-717 and look for 319 thank you all I will be back on track soon


Hie Bird!  thinking of you!  Lovies

In response to BIRD

                                                      I See You "B"...

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In response to BIRD

I hope someone got to see this al be blessed

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Hey Bird, I wish I had caught that 078 last night but at any rate, here is what I have for you.....803   846  9823  (Lets make this the best bday ever!!!)

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