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What exactly are you doing with all of these numbers?

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In response to mesha73

welcome mesha73 to lp .

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Island Girl

Confused Welcome  mesha73

What do you do with numbers WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!WIN!!!!!!!!!!WIN!!!!!!!!!!! 


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In response to mesha73

welcome mesha73 to the lotterypost,one of the best place to be,you get to make great friends for a lifetimeGroup Hug and get to win big bucks White Bounce,to answer your question,these numbers are predicted by various lotterypost membersLurking,we predictType #s that will hopefully full from state to state,some time we get it rightHurray!,and other times not far offHit With Stick from the #'s what fall,but to get more info check out (Todd)the administrator of the lottery post or (lucky)the moderator of the lotterypost,they will give you more indepth knowledge about lotterypost and these

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