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Belated Happy BD - Maggie-Nolia

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  Let me stand in front of my friends here at LP, some of the best people anywhere and confess myself to be in the dog house for not posting Happy Birthday to Dear Maggie-Nolia - A wonderful human being, friend, and equally importantly, a loyal LP Member who is worthy of so much!

    Please forgive me, my dear friend.     Happy, Happy Birthday.    Much Love and Respect, Jake

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In response to Jake

Happy belated Birthday Maggie Nola!!!!!

Hope you had a wonderfull day.

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Belated wishes MN



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In response to Jake

Truer words, never spoken, Jake!!!

Happy Belated B-Day, Maggie!!


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A very " Happy Belated Birthday "   maggie.....!

In response to Jake

Jake, Jake, Jake, I could never want you to be in the dog house unless you were there playing with your beloved dogs.  I am most honored for the birthday wishes from you, my dear friend.

lilthing, thank you so much for the birthday wishes from the Bahamas..... I can only imagine what it's like to live there.

emilyg,  thank you ever so much.....I have often wondered if the g stands for the same last name that I have.

AGF310, thank you!  I saw one of your co-workers late today and told her that today is your birthday.  Also, I was in your fair city this afternoon, taking care of a little business.

MADDOG10, I believe there is a soft touch about you....I like that.  Thank you for the birthday wish!

I must confess that I am an emotional person and this birthday post has given me a "Bounty Moment", several in fact.  Again, thanks to all.   Oops, need another towel.

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 How can I let your birthday go by and not wish you a verrymerry happy birthday and hope you have many many more

I WILL  be in Milledgeville real soon Hope to see you there Tell everyone at the viedo store that i say helloSun Smiley


Lank, what a nice surprise...thank you so much for sending me birthday wishes!  I bought my cash 3 tickets at the video store for the evening draw.  The day clerk posted maybe 15 to 20 quick picks on Monday morning.  725 was the second number posted and it fell just like that for the evening game. Did I play it..... oh no!  Thanks again and I'm looking forward to seeing you.



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bahama mama

Happy Belated Birthday Maggie have a blest day.PartyParty


LOTTOMIKE, many thanks for the birthday wishes.  There is a special lady that lives in Hendersonville and we have been friends for 45 years.  I wonder if you live near there.


bahama mama, how sweet it is to receive birthday wishes from you....... thanks so much!



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A very Happy "belated" birthday to you Maggie....!!  May the Lord bless you with many many more (fellow Pisces!!)...


 Airplane Wishes 1 Airplane Wishes 2 Airplane Wishes 1 Airplane Wishes 2 Airplane Wishes 1   


Thank you, calabs for the birthday wishes.......I love the planes with the banners.... just too cute!


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many,many more HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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