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Can Anyone create a program for pairs using excel

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I don't know how to use excel formulas. I'm trying to get excel to give me pairs and three's and four's for each number drawn. It's for take 5 which has 22 numbers. So for instance 1 has been paired most with 18 and then 5 . My goal is to use these pairs and three's and four's with GH and wheel them using one of her power number system. Any help would be appreciated.

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PM or post a little example of what you want for your 5/22 game and I'll see what I can do for you. I'm assuming you want to enter like 8 numbers that your thinking about wheeling and the results will be the top 3 followers for each number if this is correct, I'll get started and see what I can do for you... Let me know - Pogo 

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After you create this program, please post the code in your blog. 

You will be helping a whole lot of people with some insight on how to create a VBA program in Excel.


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Here is an Excel program that will track Pairs.

I found the code on techonthenet.

Made some modifications.

1.  I used 5/22 Game.  (You will need to adjust the number of balls by changing the charts and drawing files)

2.  Used 500 Random drawings for a 5/22 game (You can aadjust by adding/deleting or pasting your own draws in the appropriate Tab)

Here is the download link: 

Have Fun!!

Good Luck 

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