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After a large JP win, would you still help those who consistently put you down because of your enthusiasm concerning the lottery?

It could be either friends or family. Of course family might have more consideration, but still.

I say this only because I've asked this question to the people I know who are like that, and all the answers from everyone has been the same. They say, well, It was just luck, even though you were using a system. Of course luck will always play a part, but it just goes to show how certain people, for one or another reason, will still go out of their way to those extremes, instead of just congratulating you on your impetus or drive or not giving up or

But...the question remains.....will they ask for financial help, or tuck their tales between their legs, or walk away because of pride?

I think I'm asking more than one question, so just go for the first one at the very top.

I pick no, unless it's an emergency. It might sound a bit cruel, but since 1988, I've had people think I'm nuts, including family members. They just don't get it in my opinion.

I think the part that makes me the most irked is that they don't have trust in the person because of their inexperience on the subject, yet they feel as though they know enough to lecture, and when the money actually comes forth, they throw their lectures right out the window for a piece of the pie.

When and if it ever happens, just watch how quickly they will change the subject about how you were right all along. 

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I have a certain set of family members that I would give money to if I were to win. They have never put me down because of my playing habits. In fact, it's been quite the opposite. When I don't feel well or can't get to the store, my mom will get my tickets for me. They understand that this is a hobby for me and have never put me down for it.

In the past there have been people in my life who thought that me playing the lottery was pointless and a waste of money, but I never even conceived to give them anything in the first place so I don't have to worry. So basically no, I wouldn't give any of those naysayers from my past any of my winnings. So, I guess that makes me cruel also. lol.

Mike Frazier

"After a large JP win, would you still help those who consistently put you down because of your enthusiasm concerning the lottery?"

After I had had a large JP win, no one would know about it.

I would be tempted to return coldheartedness for mockery and discouragement, but I probably wouldn't. Of course, I wouldn't be doling out dollars to ne'er-do-wells, etc., either. I'd help if my help was needed. I'm a strong believer in people doing everything they can to help themselves before you start bailing them out, and even then I don't see it as an obligation. Their need does not give them any claim on my stuff. I may help them out of the goodness of my heart, but it's my option entirely.

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Well I dunno ...personally I know for my self I don't care how cruel nore foolhardy I may and well be at times ......

as I've been often reminded : " nothing in life is free " 

I'd keep the very few promises I've made to the few people I've come to call my extended family ...... as for the rest and other nay sayers ... they can stew about in thar own personal hells whilist I sipped on my tea and laugh @ thar much deserved misery Evil Smile 

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Pac said  "consistently put you down because of your enthusiasm concerning the lottery"


They didn't believe it was possible for you to win taking every opportunity to tell you that, so why should you reward them for undermining your dream?

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It's tough to be put down and  teased for something you believe in.

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Coin Toss

The absolute worst person to deal with would be one of those who tell you you're wasting the money on the lottery, you'll never hit - and then if you do, the same person says, "Well now that we've won the lottery....."

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I think I would share.  Hey they are family.

My wife and I decided a good plan.  We would split the jackpot in half between us.  Then she would decide with her half how much to share with her family and likewise with my half I would decide how much to share with my family.  This would hopefully lessen the fighting over money.   

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I guess it depends on what you feel giving is all about.  If I let the ridicule of others affect my sense of right, it only hurts me, not them.  I won't hold a grudge. I'll do whatever my conscience tells me is the right thing to do.  I mean, I don't send someone a birthday present based on what he/she sent me the previous year. For example, there are many people who don't believe in God, but that doesn't stop me from including them in my prayers.


I voted no.

I would not give a penny to any of those people who have been putting me down, rolling their eyes, or making snide comments about my dream.

I would, however, tell them there is a way to win at lotto and they can do what I did.  Join LP, read all there is, get a copy of Excel, start tracking, start looking, start researching.  I will guide them along the way, making their journey a whole lot shorter than mine has been. 

But, money?  No way.

KY Floyd
In response to jarasan

It's very easy to be put down and teased for something you believe in. All it takes is for somebody else to have a different belief. The question is how that teasing affects you.  The way I read Pac's question, he's asking if how people treated you would affect your decision on whether or not to share, not whether a difference of belief or opinion would affect your decision.

If I won enough, I'd share with several people who think that playing the lottery is a waste of time. Hell, I understand the math, so I'm almost one of them, anyway. What I wouldn't do is share with anybody who treats me poorly, regardless of why they treat me poorly. In my case I don't have any family that treats me poorly, and I can't understand why anybody would consider somebody who treats them poorly to be a friend. I'll also point out that plenty of people feel like they are being put down, when there's really just a simple difference of opinion.

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Those who put me down are my co-workers who don't know anything  about the lottrey. They  think i

loose all the time. But what they don't know is when i win i don't let them know that i won. From time

to time they do realise that i do be having money. They don't know how i got it. If i win the big one ,

(jackpot ) i will do something special for them ). I do believe that one of these days some one

 from my lp family is going to win the big one (jackpot) , it can be you or me ..... anything is possible ! Yes i can!   

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Hey Pac,

I have to pick "other"  remember I'm the one with the family members who can in no way know that I have had any kind of lottery winfall.  Only one family member knows that I play anyway but  she never really made any comment at all because she would rather go to the casino.  I hate gambling in the casinoes.  So I don't comment on the way she "spends" her money and she doesn't comment on mine.  But If i won, yes I would  give her a bit, but she would NOT know where it came from.  Blind Trust-  "You gotta find me first".

In response to jarasan

I know exactly how you feel. Wink

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In response to KY Floyd

I voted yes.  It isn't the difference of opinion, that is the "put down", it is the name calling,  assumptions, and insults that aren't relevant to a subject that isn't neccesarily right or wrong from either perspective. 

For eg. If I think I will hit big on PowerBall, and someone tells me not in 10 million drawings, you idiot, you'll spend 20million and then you'll be geriatric and to old to spend the money......etc.  Play Pick 3, you're odds are better, yes I know, but I want the jackpot, not str/box P3.

I have friends that like sports betting and I don't like the payouts, they think lottery is crazy but I like the payouts, if I hit a biggie, I'll start betting sports again and going to more games. Oh yeah, I'll bring the sports bettors along. JMO

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