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I know Scratch-offs, but pull-offs?

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I know Scratch-offs, but pull-offs?  I have seen some state lottery website offer pull-offs games.  Are they fun to play?  I never played them since my state doesn't sell them.

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They are also called pull-tabs, breakopens, and pickle cards. They're alright, but they don't have a lot of overall winners.

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I have played some pull-tabs in Kentucky.  They have pull tabs that have $100 winners in every pack.  The price range is also pretty cool.  You can buy them for as low as $.50.  However, odds aren't too good since there are plenty of $100 winners. 

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Michigan has pull-tabs in Bars/Restraunts, I played only 1 time didn't win, Michigan also has Club Keno, where the state draws 20 numbers out of 80 every 4 minutes from 6:05 am to 1:45pm every day I play it a lot and win sometimes

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Thank you guys.  I going to try them when I visit other states.  Wish me luck.

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