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true system

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a person's lottery system should be true randomness

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Avid Playa
In response to rubberbandman

In my humble opinion, there's no such thing as "random".  The Heavenly Father created and designed everything - so there is a pattern to all things.  To my mind "randomness" is just another word for chaos, which occurs when the initial pattern has been delibrately disrupted by nature itself or by man.  Order vs. Chaos .... and the war goes on ad infinitum.

That's my two cents on the subject.


True That, I do agree there is a pattern!!!!!!!!!!

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In response to Avid Playa

I agree Avid Playa.

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In response to rubberbandman

What makes you think random is a good predictor of random?

Say you had the keys to the lottery machine storage and could spend the night running draws.  Would the results of a thousand such draws do better played against the next real draw then a thousand Quick Picks? 


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In response to BobP

 I don't, it's just that the majority of people that play the lottery have some sort of method yet the game that they are playing is RANDOM.

All I'm saying is KEEP IT THAT WAY!

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In response to rubberbandman

As already pointed out, there is only "Random Like" or "Pseudo Random" "All is in the mind of the beholder" (Mind's Eye).

But the closest to what you say might be done by using some kind of quick picks.


I guess that we must get into religion here again:

As also said: God is a God of order not a God of random, there is a reason(s) for any and every-thing, RANDOM  (Whatever that would be (?)) was not made a part of creation.

One more time: "All (It) is in the mind's eye of the being" 

More plainly put: It is a thing of perspective (Point of view), a "Soul's Perspective" (As seen from (By)).

Good Luck!


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In response to rubberbandman

I did say that lottery games should be predicted according to random, but I meant: According to the statistics of random on the particular game itself, I never said that predictions should be random as with the use of RNGs (Quick Picks).

The games statistics are produced by what appears to be random factors (Which is not really true as nothing is random), so therefore prediction should be based upon those "Pseudo-Random" statistics of the past draws winning numbers.

Based upon the pseudorandom stats and not upon random or pseudorandom. 

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If you guys believe so much that there is a plan to this, Why haven't ANY of you won the jackpot?, and if you did you wouldnt be on this site asking for opinions, you would be seeking more valid advice.

In response to rubberbandman

I can't speak for the "you guys", but it's the over 14 million possible combinations in 6/49 lottos and 146 million + in Powerball and Mega Millions that prevent 99.99% of the players from winning those multi-million dollar jackpots. There are players here on LP that play pick-3 and pick-4 games with $500 and $5000 jackpots that have hit several times. And some have won multiple jackpots by hitting one combination several times.

"you wouldnt be on this site asking for opinions, you would be seeking more valid advice."

If you ask the last MM jackpot winner for advice, they would probably suggest playing birthday numbers even though millions of players probably do exactly that and never win. Other than playing all the mega balls and giving yourself a 1 in almost 4 million chances of winning, there is no valid advice on how to pick the exact winning combination in those type of games. 

Do you think any of the "you guys" would actually give any valid advice to somebody whose only lottery knowledge and credibility is spamming the board with useless comments?

In response to rubberbandman

We are here looking for the Yellow Brick Road to fame and fortune. 

Perhaps we may never find it for ourselves but we will advance the thinking somewhat. 

Hey!  That would make for a good poll.  WHY ARE YOU HERE?

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I like the user name "rubberbandman", sounds sing songy to me. Reminds me of something......................

But for the grace, rhythm, and debonair  rubberyness, here is the real deal The Spinners! Midnight Special! Rubber-band props and all, no lack of fun back in the 70's!


Warning! This may be too funky for some so be careful, relax, and let yourself become funky with grace, rhythm, and debonairness.


I like the way you put this.  "Pseudo-Random" he he.  A random selection of your method of predicted numbers.  Many  come out most of the time.  Trick is arranging them with a random touch

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In my opinion any method used to come up with your numbers for play is random.

Why , The next draw is the unknown .

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In response to GASMETERGUY

How do you figure?

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