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New Year - New Money(All States) 3/2 to 3/8

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610 107 970 413 280 530 942 952

469 549 648 038 404 780

650 278 159 210 570 317

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In response to LottoChica23

im loving that number 530 any order here in va and its a easypick from the machine at store where we get  our lottery and other things too. also gas for  our cars too. thank you lotto im going to win i hope so too. goodluck to you and me , all of us here on lp today. love in the air.  love 2005 in 2008.

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In response to love2005

You're welcome.  I like 530 too, it's the time that I was born Approve

I have my fingers crossed for you love2005. I hope to see it fall in VA for you real soon... Yes Nod


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KansasPick 36-Way Box9-5-25-9-2$40
New YorkNumbers6-Way Box0-3-88-0-3$40
North CarolinaPick 36-Way Box7-8-08-7-0$40
TennesseeCash 36-Way Box5-4-99-4-5$40
VirginiaMidday 36-Way Box9-5-22-5-9$40
Washington, D.C.Midday Lucky Numbers6-Way Box5-4-99-5-4$40
Western CanadaPick 36-Way Box4-6-99-6-4$40
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MichiganMidday 36-Way Box5-4-99-5-4$40
MichiganDaily 36-Way Box4-1-34-3-1$40
MissouriPick 36-Way Box0-3-88-0-3$40
TexasPick 3 DayStraight + 6-Way Box6-4-86-4-8$290
Washington, D.C.Lucky Numbers6-Way Box6-4-84-6-8$40
OklahomaPick 36-Way Box3-1-71-3-7$40
VirginiaPick 36-Way Box7-8-08-7-0$40
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CaliforniaDaily 36-Way Box6-5-00-5-6$40
MissouriMidday Pick 36-Way Box6-4-86-8-4$40
PennsylvaniaDaily Number6-Way Box9-7-07-9-0$40
TennesseeCash 36-Way Box9-4-29-2-4$40
VirginiaPick 36-Way Box2-7-88-7-2$40
Washington, D.C.Midday Lucky Numbers6-Way Box3-1-73-7-1$40
West VirginiaDaily 36-Way Box1-0-71-7-0$40
WisconsinDaily Pick 36-Way Box3-1-71-3-7$40
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DelawarePlay 36-Way Box0-3-88-3-0$40
Washington, D.C.Lucky Numbers6-Way Box6-5-05-0-6$40
New MexicoPick 36-Way Box2-8-00-2-8$40
VirginiaPick 36-Way Box2-8-02-0-8$40
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MinnesotaDaily 36-Way Box9-4-22-9-4$40
Multi-StateTri-State Pick 3 Midday6-Way Box9-4-24-2-9$40
PennsylvaniaDaily Number6-Way Box2-1-02-0-1$40
TennesseeMidday Cash 36-Way Box0-3-88-3-0$40
West VirginiaDaily 36-Way Box6-5-00-5-6$40
IndianaDaily 36-Way Box5-4-94-5-9$40
OklahomaPick 36-Way Box2-7-82-8-7$40
NebraskaPick 36-Way Box5-4-94-9-5$40
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GeorgiaMidday 36-Way Box2-1-00-2-1$40
MarylandMidday Pick 36-Way Box1-0-71-7-0$40
Multi-StateTri-State Pick 3 Midday6-Way Box7-8-08-7-0$40
DelawarePlay 36-Way Box3-1-71-3-7$40
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Awesome!!...Congrats on the hits...

I noticed you hit in Va. about 80% of the past drawings!

I love your "New Year, New Money" slogan.

I do well in pick 4's, straight 6's and even Bonus ball type games (not lately though)...

I'm having trouble with my pick 3's...

Litebets helped me out alot, but I just can't get it down...

any tips?

What have you got for North Carolina for the up and coming draws...? two decent hits, or one good hit would pull my lottery pool Back in the Black!!!!

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In response to LottoAce

Thanks LottoAce Yes Nod

I find that sometimes the numbers I post really run through some states. I haven't been concentrating on any particular state though. I have come to the conclusion that my bold picks hit with some degree of certainty within a few days. I didn't always highlight those picks. If I notice anything else I will make adjustments.

Litebets and a host of others on LP have really good methods for narrowing things down. I know that Tenaj is from NC, she may have some insight on that state.

I was just looking a WIN D's thread and thinking about how one could use his method to help pinpoint where the numbers from my list might show up. The numbers I post are hitting, so we might as well kick it up a notch and try to stay a step ahead of them and try to figure out where they'll show up next by employing filtering methods and whatever else helps to meet the numbers where they are.

 the numbers--->Chair<--- Us


Good Luck!!!Troll

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New YorkNumbers6-Way Box9-4-24-9-2$40
KentuckyPick 36-Way Box6-1-00-1-6$40
TexasPick 3 Night6-Way Box9-4-24-9-2$40
VirginiaPick 36-Way Box5-7-00-5-7$40
WashingtonDaily6-Way Box9-5-22-5-9$40
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Multi-StateTri-State Pick 3 Midday6-Way Box4-1-31-3-4$40
VirginiaPick 3Straight + 6-Way Box3-1-73-1-7$290
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ConnecticutMidday 3Straight + 6-Way Box9-4-29-4-2$290
New JerseyMidday Pick 36-Way Box9-5-22-5-9$40
PennsylvaniaDaily Number6-Way Box6-1-00-6-1$40
TexasPick 3 Day6-Way Box3-1-71-3-7$40
Washington, D.C.Midday Lucky Numbers6-Way Box6-1-01-0-6$40
West VirginiaDaily 36-Way Box2-7-88-7-2$40
WisconsinDaily Pick 36-Way Box3-1-77-3-1$40
OhioPick 36-Way Box2-1-01-2-0$40
New JerseyPick 36-Way Box9-7-07-9-0$40
ConnecticutPlay 3Straight + 6-Way Box5-3-05-3-0$290
TexasPick 3 Night6-Way Box0-3-83-8-0$40
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MinnesotaDaily 36-Way Box6-1-01-6-0$40
Multi-StateTri-State Pick 36-Way Box0-3-83-0-8$40
New MexicoPick 36-Way Box0-3-88-3-0$40
OklahomaPick 36-Way Box2-8-02-0-8$40
VirginiaMidday 36-Way Box6-5-05-6-0$40
Western CanadaPick 36-Way Box7-8-08-7-0$40

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