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How will you deal with your money if you shot at the jackpot

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 Those money not only belong to us, also to all people in US. 

We ought to use those money in right way.  Serve for all good people. Type



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First i would pay all of my bills, then my mother bills.  I would pay off everbody mortgage in full, if we needed we could always sell a house.  Then I would put a lump sum away for my children.  Buy me a home in different states and a car or SUV. Donate to charity like St jude hospital. Travel a little , continue to play the lottery and relax.


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I would pay off all my bills and my sister and brother bills then i would give each child (2) a lump sum and then i would do some travelingSun Smiley 

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First share some money with my relatives,

then pay of debts,

then buy a large condo high up in a highrise with a view,

then buy some EXPENSIVE, but not necessarily big things.


For the moment it's just fantasy, but I am working on it. 

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Depends on how much I win.  Too many choices.   I've never set my goals on winning tens of millions, just enough to be comfortable, get good medical care when needed, and guarantee a steady flow of income for life when I retire.  I would try to stay out of the spotlight and live a quiet life with a few good friends and a couple of pets.  If I didn't need to work at all, I would try to spend more time volunteering in my community.

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In response to justxploring

I agree. I don't have plans set in stone. It all depends on different factors.


The first thing I plan to do is pay everything I owe off, i.e. mortgage, car, couple of credit cards, etc., then I'd wait.  I'd keep working for a little while and go on with life as usual until the initial shock wears off and then decide what to do.  Depending on how much it is, I'd probably try to set myself up so I wouldn't have to work anymore and perhaps move somewhere with a lower cost of living so the money will last longer.  I don't want to have problems like alot of others have so I'll make sure that doesn't happen.


Pay off all my debts - mortgage, car loan,etc, set up trusts for my two kids (both are adults), pay off both sisters mortgages (Mom & Dad have already paid theirs off), then figure out a way to give each of them, their spouses & children money without paying too much in taxes.  I don't think I will avoid the taxes, though. I'll leave that to the experts. Immediate family only. I am still close to some of my ex's family, but I am not sure if I will include them.  A couple of them stood by me during the divorce, so I would probably do something for them.

Since I live 1000 miles away, I will move back to my home state to be near my own family, and if I don't win enough to live comfortably I will work at some paying job - working on that alternative, too.


 I will pay off all my debts first. Then I'll share the prize with my family members (mom, dad, and 2 sisters). I'll buy a house in Pasadena, CA. Depending on the amount of jackpot prize, I might buy some commercial properties. If I won the exact same amount that Goegia couple won, I would definitely buy some commercial properties and put the rest of them into the nestegg that gives me steady flow of incomes. 

 Then I would contact some high-class matchmaking agencies in West LA and look for my future hot wife. :) I like blondes and bruenettes. :D But I don't think I can help anyone else. 

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... remodel the turret and get some 'gators for the moat. Evil Smile

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I will let the bank "deal with" it all, and deal with paying me a crap load of interest.

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In response to wantmoney


WHAT are those PEOPLE and WHERE do U cum FROM??(grow UP 0!o)

IF U have an education>>>>>great>>>>>>if U don't>>>>great>>


PSYKOMO will perdict the PERSON U vote for >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

FOR>>>>>>PRESIDENT of the US of A >>>>>

won't<<<<<<"B" elected!!!!!!


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i would create a conglomerate corporation and buy and build all varieties of businesses all over the world such as banks, fast food restaurants, shopping malls, etc.


"Gee Brain, what do you want to do tonight?"

"The same thing we do every night, Pinky—Try to take over the world."

In response to wantmoney

You might be confusing the US with the USSR because the only portion of our money that belongs to all the people is what we pay in taxes.

"We ought to use those money in right way.  Serve for all good people."

One of the reasons the wall came down was because people didn't want to be told how to spend their money. It's really a simple concept, it's none of my business how you spend your money and it's none of your business how I spend mine.

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pay off my debt, do some traveling, enjoy some good foods, help family, give to the needy.

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