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Should you depend on numbers to get your bills paid??

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I have observed where people seem to be depending on numbers to get their bills paid up but this is not a good idea.

Please do not take this the wrong way I am only trying to give my opinion!!

I use numbers as a 2nd option and if I win thats great, and it does go towards bills but if you dont win then how do you get those bills paid ??????????


Remember numbers is luck and chance pay your bills first (out of your weekly/monthly salary) then keep ya fingers crossed you win a number!


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No! No! First pay bills!!!

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No way!!No No

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In response to chippie

I think this is  a FANTASTIC thread!

Its seems that in the desparate times we now have, people are depending on the lottery and other forms of gambiling in the hopes that luck  will get  them out of their financial burdens.  I myself have noticed that I play scratchers now,  I have only started playing the lotto in the last year when I have NEVER played from the time it started ove3r 20 years ago.  When I win on the scratcher, I pay an extra bill, but no, I don't depend on it.  But YES, I do play more often because of my situation right now.

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Coin Toss

"Scared money" never wins!

"Scared money" is the rent, food money, etc...that should be going to those things instead of being wagered.  


"Depend"? "Lottery"?  Ne'er shall the 2 words meet---- in any sentence. 

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I ONLY pay my bills out of winnings from the lottery.  I use my paycheck for stuff for ME - not bills!!

oh, and if you believe that I have a bridge that I have for sale- cheap!!!

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In response to bashley572

Congrads on ya win hun


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As everyone else answered...NO!  Chippie, I hope nobody here has ever said that, although I have detected desperation in many past comments.  I've seen posts where people say that the Lottery is their only way out, but that's the way millions of people think these days.  It's often called the poor man's 401K.  I also think many people spend way too much on the Lottery if the posts are true, but I won't tell anyone how to blow his money. 

Good post.  I admit that sometimes I take the Lottery too seriously, but I have Lottery Post to blame for that. 


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Coin Toss

Two guys were roomates in Las Vegas, they had been rooming together for five years.

 One month, one of them came up short and put the bite on the other guy to cover the reent for both of them. the guy said he had it, but was surprised to see the other guy in a bind, as he had always come across with his share.

The guy that was short said well, there was a poker tournament coming up and an entry fee.

The other guy said, "A poker tournament" and the guy short on the rent said, "Well yeah- I have the money for that!"

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I have many of those stories, Coin Toss.  Don't worry, I'll only tell you one.  Maybe it isn't about gambling, but it's still just as crazy.  Years ago, a woman who worked in my building had a child who was sick and I heard her saying she couldn't afford a doctor.  I gave her the $20 co-pay and said she didn't have to pay me back until she was solvent.  The next month she flew to Chicago to attend a rock concert.

In response to justxploring

The song list that night at the concert was:

Cat scratch fever

Sick as a dog

It hurts so good

Dizzy miss lizzie

Falling to pieces

King of pain

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Hello everyone,There's an old saying " You can Win but don't count on it" so i Pay bills first,fun second,goodluck all


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Coin Toss

The only one (entity) that can depend on anything coming in from any form of gambling is the house.

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Personally I don't think that one should depend on numbers to pay the bills.No Nod  When you bet your last in anticipation of a win and you lose, you only end up deeper in the hole.

The rags to riches lottery publicity gives people who are down on their luck hope that they will get lucky and be able to pay their bills. The ironic thing is that it some times happens and they do strike it rich. Of course we don't hear about the guy who bets the farm and loses.Sad

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