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SuperLotto Plus $90 million winner never played CA lottery before


...and bought 1 ticket.  From CA Lottery website.  02.20.08 drawing.  I am starting believe it is ALL luck.

SACRAMENTO – The first time was a charm for a lucky individual from Sonoma County who had never before played the California Lottery. The Petaluma woman unexpectedly learned of her $80 million dollar prize from last week’s Wednesday drawing and is now making plans to help her kids and take her entire family on a vacation to Hawaii. While she understands the public’s curiosity about her story she is willing to share the details below, but prefers to remain anonymous.
The winner was watching her local Univision station and heard that the big SuperLOTTO Plus jackpot prize was still unclaimed. After hearing that news she went back to the Safeway grocery store where she purchased her ticket, checked her Quick Pick numbers, and learned she was the missing $80 million winner. She immediately called her husband and children to let them know. 
The winner, who counts her blessings everyday, said winning the Lottery was a blessing from God. She never expected that $1 would bring her so much luck. When asked what she would do now that she was a millionaire she said, “We don’t want to get carried away, because we’re humble people, but I’m taking all my family out to dinner. I’d also like to take my family for a vacation in Hawaii

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 Original Quote by JWBlue

"  I am starting believe it is ALL luck."

Gee what were you thinking was rocket science?ROFL

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In response to benmas

You never know when, how, where it's going to hit, you just have to play! With respect to all of the "Systems" out there, it may well be a simple matter of  luck.  With all of my "strategizing" I have not produced a decent win (5 of 6 or more). Dates, time of day, birthdays etc. all produced blanks!!

So, what's next?   Well, within reason, just shoot at it. That's the only strategy I have. Hit it here, hit it there, try to hit it everywhere (within budget of course). So many games in California, gotta spread the wealth!! Well, I figure at some point I gotta hit something, so I trudge along.

                           Good luck everyone!!!

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Unless they are 18 I don't beleive it. Odds are the person just doesn't want their parter to know how much was spent to get that winning ticket. Still I'm sure it was less  than what they won in this case.

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Amazing story! Only took $1 to win $90 Million. WOW!

Why not me!!!Bang Head

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In response to JWBlue

When it comes down to it, it's just a game of luck. Yes Nod

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