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How about yours?

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I have spent about $300 ($297) in lottery (only MegaMillions and PowerBall) and have won $19(M 12 and P 7).

How about yours?


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I have lost money in Powerball in the long run.

Lotto five averages out... 3/5 keeps you playing with their money.

Pick 3/ pick 4 one can make a profit.. Just find that golden system and stick with it.

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I'm sure I've lost money in the long run in's the "what if" dream that keeps me playing.

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For me it was about $200 for the year and all of that was spent when the jackpot was over $200 million. We have five lines of numbers on each ticket and it's easy to notice how many tickets don't even have a 1 number match. Without a mega ball match we have to match 3 numbers just to win 7 bucks.

The amount of the jackpot might justify buying 40 tickets but the overall odds of winning anything is 1 in 40 so in reality we should expect to have 39 losing tickets. The jackpot winners in the latest run only spent $2 playing birthday numbers. That is a playing strategy but after seeing drawing, you don't have to look at the tickets because you know the outcome. When I checked the first ticket and saw no matching numbers on 5 lines, I knew there were 7 more tickets to check so I still had a chance.

The pros and cons on having much better odds of playing more combinations has been discussed many times and maybe make a case the extra couple of minutes of anticipation adds to it. So I'll probably do it again when the jackpot gets high though it would much better if they added a small prize for matching 2 numbers.

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At one time or over a period?

I play  $30 per week.  In Super Lotto Only.  As a rule I don't play Mega Millions.  I don't like the 171million to 1 odds.  41 millions is bad enough.

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Coin Toss

YTD for 2008 have spent $116 (all number games,  pick3 through 5+1) and won $3, the $3 being three $1 wins on Litle Lotto (pick 5).

On Valentine's Day my wife gave me a $2 scratcher that won $12.


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Let us compute something:

    we buy $10 PB per drawing, and there are 52 weeks per year i.e. 104 drawings per year.  Therefore $1040 per year.


We play PB 10 years, i.e.  $10400.    If you match 4+1 one time in these 10 years,  you will not lose money.  


Infact, I have never won anything in my first $200 play and my sisiter ridiculed me that what a wonder , you ought to buy lottoBang Head.  But I won $19 in later $100 (especially after chrismas).    GO ON!!   shot the jackpot  Cheers

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I never keep track.  I buy one Fantasy 5 ticket every night and play Lotto twice a week with 4 or 5 combinations.  I've won about $100 so far this year and a few free tickets.

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I've lost more then I've won so far. Especially playing Powerball.

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