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How much will you give to your charity if you win big ?

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For example you won 2 million . How much will you consider giving to charity ?

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I don't have a set amount. I already donate to some causes (I wish I could give more), and I plan to continue in the future whether or not I ever win a big jackpot.

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In response to bigato1010

We must do a thread similar to this once every other month or so. You can do a search to see the various responses.

Here the latest thread.

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I wouldn't give any to charity, because I know by experience the majority of them abuse money, and only use a small amount of that money to help people. So in that case, I would hand pick whom I wanted to be charitable to! I think I would do a better job at helping people myself than to hand over that kind of money to a charity!


If I won $100 million, I would not give any to charity.  I don't know why that is why the way I am, but it is the truth.

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In response to JWBlue

I Agree!, don't donate money directly. We ought to build factories to creat more job opportunities.   

How do you think?

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We've been asked this lots of times and people often list their favorite charities or causes.  It's a personal preference.  I can't imagine having $100 million and not sharing it, but everyone has to make his own choices in life.

I can't tell you an exact amount.  Depends what is considered to be charity anyway.  Organized philanthropies?   Food banks?  There is always great need and, in this economy, it's growing every day.

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American Red cross ,  will be a good charity organization . Will deliver your wishes i will hope , Crisis in the darfur region may be ? 

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About 10% over a long period of time, rather than 10% off the top.

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ABSOLUTELY NONE to charities that only operate outside the US. There's lots of barefootted, hungry children here to care for!

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In response to ThatScaryChick


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10% to orphanages... but not off the top.  I'm doing it my way. I will go to them personally and make sure they get what they want and need.  Not what some old hag who doesn't care whether they live or die tells me what they need.  Or maybe even set up a fund of some sort with my 10% as the first investment., invested into cd's and such, for them when they become 18 yrs old and no longer property of the state.  (Everyone needs something to look forward to.) No specific one comes to mind., but I think ones in my area of the states have had it the worst for the simple fact that it is a poor part of the country anyway.

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I plan to definitely donate to ONE charity that deals with abused children.  That's about it.

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Now that's a good poll question. Which is better?

To give a million dollars all at once, or half a million

I just felt Deja vu....That was weird..I wonder why this just happpened...Green laugh

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In response to Clairvoyance

I Agree!

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