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Heart Breaker...

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First I wanted to say Hi to each and everyone on the forum. I have been reading the forum for quite awhile now, but this is the first time I have ever posted.

I thought this would be a good time to post and tell what happend to me in a recent Powerball Drawing. Powerball is the game I play twice ever week , and I always pick my own numbers. I have came close quite a few times in the past year, since I started playing Powerball every week. I wont bore you with the close misses I have had, ( even a few times with the PB number also ) , especially as I am sure there are many on the forum that have came closer than I have . It still amazes me though , how close a person can get to this game , and many times not even win anything.

Winning number :      8......13.....23.....29.......47        PB 32

My number          :      8......12.....22.....28.......33        PB 33

My second number     8......12.....22.....28........33       PB 38


I played 12 dollars that night, and the above two numbers were 2 of my tickets. And yes, I did have the Power Play option also on these two tickets. I just had a feeling about the number, so I played it twice with the power play ( and a differant PB number ).  The other numbers I played I didnt have the power play option.

Sad thing is, I many times will run a ticket's numbers up and down a few numbers, when I have a special feel for it....and I also will run the PB number up and down also.  Too bad I  didnt choose to do this the last drawing. Also , I have a special way of playing the fifth numbers sometimes , and 47 does fall in the range of the numbers I play on the end also this way. But , I did not do that this particular night , as I was just " spot "  playing some combinations of mine, and I didnt cover it close enough that night. Thats for sure.

It would have been a good time for a small wheel I am sure also , but I usually dont wheel PB game, even though the way I cover a few numbers sometimes, you could say I was slightly wheeling with just pen and paper.

The best advice I can give for playing Powerball , is too really study past drawings. Study them Very hard. I have many, many hours studying the past year, and learning trends of the game. But while studing hard and learning a lot......dont forget to remember to keep it simple , and not miss some things right there in the few recent lines. Quite a few times recently, I have gotten the hard numbers in a drawing, and hit the long shot, but missed the easy numbers, right there in front of me , from what I have seen happen in past drawings.

I would be the first person to say, that you have to have Lady Luck close to you, on the nights you come win it......thats for sure. But studing past drawings will and does help very much in trying to win this game. It will get you close many times, and maybe one day Lady Luck will show up at the right time, on these special drawings nights.

Last, after much expense, and much losing, I have learnt not to play a lot of tickets. Just play what you have learned and go with the gut instinct also. And maybe run them up and down a few numbers, if you feel a line is special , in case its the night you come close.

Anyone can feel free to e-mail me, to discuss this powerball game. I have learnt a lot from past drawings patterns, and its amazing how many times, the pattern can be predicated that will come up. Just getting the numbers in the pattern of course, is the problem. Anyway, I love to discuss this game , and I figure 2 heads are better than one , on trying to predict the numbers that come up each drawing. It is very disappointing to come so close many times, and miss it , but I always learn everytime I miss the close ones, and these are the ones you remember. ( But , it does make a person go around talking to theirselve for a few days, when you miss the close ones ,  especially if you have the PB number that night also ).

I do buy a couple OP's also once in awhile , and have came close on them a couple times, but I on average, always do better when I choose my own numbers.

The test drawings that they have on the Powerball game, does bother me to a certain extent. I would rather they would just pop a few balls out of the hopper, to make sure its working, and then have the complete drawing. But I dont know enough about the test drawings to wonder about this for sure, but one thing I do know.....they need to always keep it drawn with the ball drawing. If they ever go to a computor drawing, it will be the last dollar they will ever get off me.

Sorry my first post was such a long post. Thanks again for your time and I hope I posted in the correct section of the forum. Also , Hi once again to everyone on the forum. There are a Nice bunch of people on this forum and Best Wishes to each and everyone. I wish you all the Best Of Luck Always.

Best Wishes  .................Gary


" In The End......You Wont Remember The Words Of Your Enemies.......Only The Silence Of Your Friends "       


Hi Astekblue

Welcome to LP!!!

Sorry you missed by so little.

Best of "Lady Luck" to you in the future! We are all pulling for ya.


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Welcome! Hopefully you will have better luck in the future. Yes Nod

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Thanks My Friend !!!

Thanks for the Friendly welcome.

I'll try and keep at her  Bang Head   ......long as the money holds out  Smiley


Best Wishes Bud........................Gary

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Thanks for the welcome.


Best Wishes  ,      Gary

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Welcome to LP...!

After you're comfortable join in on the Mega/Powerball challenges in the Jackpot forum on tues/wed - Fri/Sat..

Good luck to you....!

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Thanks. Appreciate the welcome.


Best Wishes    ,     Gary

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Or just get a QP. Same odds.

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Astekblue, welcome to LP!  Please feel free to join in Maddog's MM and PB challenges.  Great fun great practice runs.  Sun Smiley

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Same odds.

But many times much better results in my opinion , when choosing your own numbers.

I do grab a OP now and then. You never know.

But much can be learned from past drawings , when time is dedicated to studying them.


Best Wishes  ,        Gary

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Thanks for the welcome.

I may join in one day.

Thank You and Maddog for inviting me to join in.

Still fine tuning my instincts right now though.  Bang Head

One thing for sure , there are some great predictors on that page.

Thanks Again.


Best Wishes   ,     Gary

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Hi Astekeblue,

The longer you play the lottery, the more you will find that it is terribly capricious.  You have to expect a lot of strange "almosts".

In our local 5/31 game, I used to try and figure what would be drawn.  Lucky to get 2 of 5. I only play it when the jp gets into six figures.  So last time it reached $110,000 I just said the heck with it and bought one ticket quickpick for a buck.  Got 4 of 5. Missed it by one !

I was talking to a clerk where I sometimes buy my tickets. She said that "something" just told her to once buy a ticket on the 5/31 game and she did.  Didn't even know what the jp was.....she won the jp of $77,000 !

I still try and figure the Pick 3. But as to any of the jackpot games I now only buy quickpicks. With so many combinations out there in the jp games, it just isn't worth the effort to try and "outsmart" the game to me.

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Thanks for the kind welcome.

Something similiar happened to me recently. I live in Kentucky , but my house is only 4 miles from the State of Ohio. And even though Powerball is my main game , once in a great while, I will pick a few numbers for the Mega Millions game, even though I dont study it like I do Powerball game.

Recently I drove over there and played 5 dollars of numbers I picked on the Mega Millions game. While I was over there, I bought 2 dollars worth of OP's at the same time. I did hit 2 numbers on one of the tickets I chose the numbers on and missed the third one by one number. But one of the OP's I bought over there had...................... 1.....22.....30........43.......46.

The winning number that night came up   21.....30....... 43.......46.........54

Not a bad job for a OP. I got my 7.00 dollars back I played and broke even. So I quit while I was ahead.

I agree you never know in the games of chance. No matter which way you go , you still have to have that slight luck to turn the corner and hit it.

I mainly play to try and hit the 5 of 5 ( even though I do study the PB numbers also ). I enjoy studying the numbers and positions and picking my own numbers and I do win more money playing this way. But some nights I do get a OP also. To try and have both  avenues covered , just in case Luck would shine on me that night. But one thing for sure. Luck is a real , but fleeting thing....thats for sure.

Best Wishes   ,     Gary


and don't play ages of your family,if they're all over 60.

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That's a good one  !!!!!    Smiley


And good advice too.       Smiley


Best Wishes   ,        Gary

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