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First I would scratch off to see if I am a instant winner via coin or a star symbol. etc

If I don't see any symbols then next I would scratch off the winning numbers to see if there is a match.

Then I would scratch off the barcode to see if I am winner but missed the winning number.  Once I thought my ticket was a loser but the barcode said twn.  It was a $20 winner, I forgot to scratch the last number. lol 

How do you guys play it? 

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Thank goodness they quit putting the winning code in the barcode here!  There were clerks who figured out exactly where to scratch a line across the code to be able to see if it was a winner.  They'd sell the non-winners to unsuspecting customers who either didn't notice the scratch or didn't know you could tell if it was a winner by looking there, and they kept the winning tickets for themselves.  I actually saw this happen, tho I didn't know it at the time.  The guy in front of me asked about the scratch and they told him it just happens by rubbing against something in the case.  They assured him there was not a problem with it.  I was not an educated player then, or I'd have called the cops immediately.

I don't play scratch-offs very often anymore.  But when I do, I just start at the top game and work my way down.  If it's a one-game ticket I start at the left and scratch to the right.  Wink

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