MM winner in GA

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It has been awhile for this state hasn't it?  Or wasn't the last large jackpot winner in GA (i think there was two tickets)


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No, the last large jackpot winner was in Maryland and New Jersey(once again). It's finally good to hear that someone won it from Georgia for a change. I was beginning to lose hope that big jackpots wouldn't fall here for a while. Do you know what county/city in Georgia?

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way to go Ga....... i was beginning to loose hope for the south. Jackpots of this magnitude are usually won up north

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I definately agree with you esp. New Jersey and New York who seem to win all the time, and if it's in the south it's mainly Texas.


In the middle of nowhere too, in the town of Portal. Look it up on Google Earth.

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Last year a truck driver in a small GA town shared a $390 million jackpot.

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I don't care who won, I wish them the best all the same.  I can still live nicely off of 12 million, if I would ever get the chance ! 

7 winners in New Jersey and I bet that one of them wasn't Maddog10.... someone who deserved it from lp.  Look at his numbers on the prediction board last night.  He was in there pretty close. 

3 winners from Virginia and I can tell you it wasn't me....hopefully someone else from lp got it.  I didn't post my numbers anywhere on the board or in the challenge, but I can tell you my numbers skipped all around and hit a few of those numbers.  I had the idea, just not the right combination ...again.

You get my point.

All those winners of the second prize and no one here can claim bragging rights?  Something is wrong.

And yes, Texas always seems to be in there when there is a southern winner.  Thank goodness this time it was only one winner.  I hate seeing people who have to split it., not that I wouldn't be happy to myself., just looks like they could give it to one lucky person once in a while.... like they did last night.

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I just wanna say something.I am not pissed off at the player who won this jackpot,but at numbers itself.If i knew that numbers would not be higher then 22 and higher then 10 as mega ball #,i would probably spend like 300$$$.

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Congrats to whoever was the lucky winner!

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In response to bob27

JUST for the RECORD:

5-8-12-15-22-23-25-33-38-39....... (these R the 10 I wheeled)

Lost 100 A$$ET's on the DEAL!

DIDNOT cum close with the 10 as a mega-ball>>>>>>>>>>>>

IF any won of YOU wins this MM game in the next couple weeks

PLEASE send the psyko  DONITATION$$



Hit With StickBang HeadChair>>>>>+>Coffee>>>>>+>LoviesTHANK$$$$$$$$$

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In response to psykomo



PLEASE send the psyko DONITATION$$

PartyPartyThinking of...Coffee



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