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Low Numbers in MM Drawing tonigh

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With these low numbers I am assuming that someone will have won it.  I mean no number higher than 22.  So many birthday combos and such could contain those numbers.  My easy picks netted me $3.  I am hoping for a roll but I doubt it will happen.



Mega millions is 12 million now

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In response to Bradly_60

02/08/05 -  08 11 14 23 25  +21   

The same thing happened three years ago on 02/08/05 before the last matrix change and nobody won but the jackpot was smaller so there might have been less tickets sold.  Ohio have the next jackpot at $12M.

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In response to Bradly_60

i wonder why people say this Birthday numbers.

Isn't it possible that people might put the month, day, and year they were born as well as their age. Using this idea all numbers between 1 and 56 are open for buisness. People do end up using many combinations of birthdates on playslips.

If you choose to specify the numbers yourself, you select five distinct numbers between 1 and 56, and one "Mega Ball" number between 1 and 46.

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It has been a while since the numbers have all been this low.

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This disproves the myth about having to split the jackpot if it's won using low numbers.  There was only one winning ticket.

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In response to four4me

Probably because when they interview the winners, a lot of them say they played their birthday numbers or family and friends birthday numbers. Of course that isn't always the case.

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Something being more likely is not the same as it being guaranteed. It's just like your signature says: what happens most is most likely to happen again, but it's not going to happen every time.

KY Floyd
In response to RJOh

I've never heard a claim that birthday numbers means  having  to share  the  jackpot. OTOH, if players are more likely to use birthday numbers then there  is  a greater chance of sharing the jackpot with numbers like we saw in  this drawing.

About102 million tickets were sold for this drawing. If there were noduplicate combinations at all that would have been just under 60% ofthe possible combinations in play.  If those combinations weredistributed uniformly, each combination of the 5 regular balls would have been played just under 60% of 46 (the number of mega balls), which is 27.6.  43 tickets  matched all 5 white balls, so that means that  7,12,13,19,22 was played 50% more thanif  there  had been a uniform distribution. It could berandom probability that did it, but more likely it's a good indicationthat a disproportionate number of people choose birthday numbers. If only 28 mega balls were played with that combination, 15 of the 43tickets would have resulted in at least 2 winners sharing the jackpot.

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There are 170,000 combinations with all numbers under 32 and only 26,334 under 23 so it looks like the "extra" 5 + 0 winners were manual picks. Matching 5 paid over $600,000 in California on Tuesday and $159,000 on Friday.

The jackpot winner used 6 birthday numbers but they could have matched the same 6 numbers and only won $150.

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