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NJ Lottery site is showing wrong MM numbers

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Wow, they are showing today's date with last drawing's Mega Millions numbers, and have been doing so for the last 1/2 hour.  I wonder how many ripped up tickets there are based on that mistake!

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11:40 PM -- they're still showing last drawing's numbers.

I hope no one throws away a winner because of that.

The correct numbers are 7-12-13-19-22 +10

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Ouch. They should probably check this site first. Hopefully they didn't tear up the ticket right away.

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I think someone thought they posted the right numbers, and now they're gone.  This is bad.

The "print page" option has the right numbers, so it looks like they just didn't post the front page correctly, and they didn't post the results in the "recent numbers" section.

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