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Lucky Gemstones

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Sorry I was just wondering if anyone uses gemstones, chants and candles when  requesting luck.  I see alot of  dream interpretation but nothing else. 

For instance I have Adventurine, Tourmalated Quartz, Amazonite, Black tourmaline, Amythist and Tigers Eye gemstones,  plus a bit of clove and chamomille herbs in a red velvet bag which I keep in my left pocket.  I say a little chant to call on and thank the spirits before I purchase any tickets or scrachers.  Also I light  a green candle for money and prosperity and a magenta candle for speedy manifestation.  Of course I don't win all the time, but I must say my luck has changed.

I got this from another source but I like it.

"Lady of luck come out of your hidden course. Bless your light upon me as the light of the moon shines aboveand in the light of luck will be blessed I."

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   Hey LCG -  We've touched on some of our rituals here from time-to-time, but for most, they are such personal things that most are reluctant to discuss (I think).   

  That said, I certainly have rituals, different ones at different times for different situations. I always ask for guidance and always give thanks for the blessings bestowed.   I was just reading about Adventurine and have to say I'm on the lookout for it now.  I have a particular Angel that I'm in constant discussion with.  I also meditate and chant but not necessarily associated with numbers luck, sometimes just to survive the day at hand or to reach for a positive outcome for someone else. 

   Of course, I don't necessarily worship the Dragonfly but it would be reasonable to say you'd never find me without at least 1 representation on my person.   Since I'm on a slight disclosure tangent here, I also talk to animals all the time. 

   Speaking strictly of luck, I often simply meditate on a request for guidance, to be able to see what is right in front of me but obscured by all the static.  The second half of the process is accepting what I see and going with it.   I guess it's obvious that I'm a Gemini.

  Thank you for posting!   Jake

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In response to Jake

Thanks for your response Jake,truly appreciated.

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I used to have a bag like that and I lost it!!!boy I miss having that!!! it is like my whole universe is out of whack!!!

but yes I think what ever works for you!!!! by the way shouldn't you have a piece of jade in your bag!!!

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In response to NITEHAWK61

Thanks Nitehawk,

I must admit  the place where I researched  never mentioned Jade.  The stones I picked were specifically for gambling, wishes and lottery.  But thanks for the heads up.

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I keep a piece of citrine and aventurine in my left front pocket for luck,but you have to feel lucky too! Good luck!

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In response to lottocalgal

Jade is for good fortune.

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