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Fruit stocks dream

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What the heck...lets give this a try.

I had a dream that I was talking to someone that I hadn't seen in years.  I did not particularly want to be talking to them and a TV was on in the was on a financial news station.

On a clear piece of plexiglass, to the left of me, were the names of three stocks of companies that all sold fruit and I got good feeling that they were paying decently.

what numbers should I play? 

Think's avatar - lightbulb

Oh...I forgot to mention that one of the stocks was written in rounded our "bulby" letters (not with lines but like the kind of letters you would see on a sign) and it started with an 'A' and ended with an 'A'

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fell in the past:

fruit - Ga. 214 (TrSt 302) (Fla 002 9280)(DC 416) ( Ka 023) (Md SC *323)(DC 0230)

that 323 has fallen in more than once, and I have made money on the 214.

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