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5 + 0 out of 5 + 1

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Coin Toss

What do you say? Would hitting 5 + 0, coming that close, eventually drive you crazy?

Sure, nice to have $200,000 and maybe a multiplier or $250,000 but that has to be nothing like making a score in the millions or tens or hundreds of millions?

Would the number you missed haunt you? And what if you missed it by one digit? (Granted, in this case a miss is a miss!)

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Under my current method of play, a 5+0 would get me $400K or $280K after taxes.  Yeah, I'd be a little bit down about missing out on millions.  But $400K is enough to allow me to move which would do wonders for my mental health, and would make me very happy.  So yeah I'd have regrets, but it wouldn't make me angry or depressed or crazy.  And I'd still play the lottery hoping to hit again.

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In response to Coin Toss

I actually had to check "other". Since I play the California Super Lotto, getting 5+0 gets you nowhere near  $200,000  Or even $100,000.  I think that's unfair.   For instance  the JP is currently $80,000,000 but getting 5 numbers will only get you $18,000!  So  my missing out on that small amt wouldnt kill me.  But  I would probably rework  my numbers  knowing that chances are, it would be a lifetime when those numbers would come back around again with only the MEGA different.  But I guess I would be happy with ANY kind of win.  Today  I played a single   $5 scratcher (for the California Millionaire game).  Since I never win anything I was jumping and dancing in the store after winning $100,  I bought  10 more of the same since I couldn't otherwise  buy $50 worth of scratch offs and won another $65.  I was beside myself. 

I know it would be better for me to play the Mega Millions but 171,000,000 to 1  odds is much too much for me.  41000000 to 1 is bad enough.

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Nope, it wouldn't drive me crazy. Of course I would love to get all the numbers and would be upset that I missed the jackpot, but winning a second prize would be a blessing for me. 

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Nope, it wouldn't bother me either, because I intend to continue playing anyway. If I hit 5 #'s on Superlotto, that might bother me cause it's always so low.  I play much less on super than on Mega, but a win on either game would give me a buffer. That's why I continually enrich myself with the winner's stories on this site and others, people do hit multiple times. In fact I think I'll win something soon!!

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I voted It would make me crazy!


When you look at the odds, hitting 5 of the white balls but not the bonus isn't really that close to hitting the jackpot. I'd be be jumping off of walls if I won $200,000 or $250,000. I could do a lot of great suff with that.

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All I aim for is the 5+0.

To 'expect' to hit a 5+1 is a bit more unrealistic, but I would obviously take it if I got it.

I got four 3-0's last night - with all five WB's. 

9-12-36 twice, and 20-22-36 twice. 

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In response to guesser

guesser you should buy the POWER PLAY if you can guess 3 most of the time and since you are realistically aiming for 5+0 thats where the powerplay is really worth it...too bad that the MEGA doesnt have the powerplay option (except for Texas)

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I will ALWAYS take winnings.  If I can only hit wb's that is enough.  On the NY Take 5 I hit 4 of 5 for $400, and missed the 5th # (I had # 25 and # 24 came OUT!!!) I missed out on $30k

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It wouldn't make me as crazy as a 4+1 for $10,000 would.....


This story isn't quite comparable to the subject here but just as aggravating.

My roomate in N.Y. told me this about 11 years ago. He said that he had a friend who was playing the NY lotto, and that one of his lines were just one number off on all of the six winning numbers.

So if the first number was 5, he had 6. The second was 12, he had 13...all the way to the last winning number...

That would definitely be outrageous.

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  I can only think of a response in this way: I hit 5 of 6 in Delaware's original lotto game 3 times (once wheeling and twice QPs), missing the biggest pot of 1+ million and 2 slightly lesser pots.

  Given that experience, I would welcome any other 5 + 0 hit on any other game, especially PB since I always PowerPlay.

   And how did 5 of 6 more than once make me feel?  I try not to think about it other than giving thanks for the hit.  I don't play DE Lotto games anymore except once in a Blue Moon. 

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I only have to accetp the winning. I can't change.

Besides, it's nice to have some extra money to pay for my tuition.

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whether or not, I would be upset by hitting 5 numbers instead of 6, depends on my own personal actions.

If I had the missing number, meant to play it and didn't. or took a winning number out of my wheel and substituted it for a losing number. changed the number on a slip while filling out the wheel, or didn't play my numbers when I had an opportunity to do so...yes, it would haunt me...

but if I played the numbers and I didn't do anything it wouldn't bother me at all. I would be happy with the win.

I have been in that situation before, yes it still bothered me at the time. my case is that I lived in a state that didn't have a lottery. I used to go up to Va to play the Megamillions on weekends. it was on a Tuesday night, I had a strong feeling that if I didn't play those numbers that I was going to puke the next day.

well I had 4+the bonus, with intentions of running the other number in a 5/5 wheel. but because I live 4 hours from the VA border and had to work the next day, I couldn't play.

my numbers came in, and I was depressed for a week.

I still remember those exact numbers that hit 6 years ago!

I look forward to the day, when I can finally get that monkey off my back!

just my input....

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