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The POETASTER PLUS -Daily Word 2/18/08

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last chance

The word (GRIEF).... All humans experience it no matter what their belief...   Sometimes it comes when you least expect it.  More than likely it will be a hard hit. I know, what a word to start the week with.  Reality is what I speak, and this is it.  I have endured a hold lot of GRIEF in my lifetime.  Sometimes it makes me feel I have undertook some that was'nt mine.  When GRIEF comes your way. I for one has nothing to say.  All I can say before hand.  I pray that you can deal with it the best you can. Time is the only thing that will soften the blow. I hope none of you will never have to know. (179 178-897- 555- 571 - 657 - 884 - 883 - 882)

last chance aka the poetaster

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Rubi 311

Thank you Last Chance!  See Ya!

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emma pearl

 Love and grief is so close.  Every human being will feel one time in their life.  These are mental pain which is greater than physical paim.   Faith in God help ease the pain.  Keep- 517  on your playslist.  Love and respect your fellow man.

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last chance
In response to emma pearl

Yes, well spoken Ms. Pearl. There are two types of pain that puts a strain on the brain.  Physical pain, and painful emotion.  Both can be hard to clear from your subconscious part of your brain. Both when recalled, makes you feel the same.  The same as if it was happening now.  Fogged vision you will have, if you don't clear it some how. You should start with yourself first.  Because the the Kingdom of God is within YOU! You take one step, God will take two. Remeber the foot prints. Far be it from me to try telling YALL what it meant. Love and respect is hard for some to understand.  The ability to love, is God's gift too woman and man. Grief is something that I have experienced every since I was a young boy.  You must be strong.  If not, grief will destroy.  Respect, is what I give. As far as I'm concern, that's the only way to live. Do unto others as you wish to be done to you.  You will see it again.........Ms. Pearl and Ms. Rubi.



PLEASE NOTE:    one of my posted numbers revealed itself last night (978) 

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