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QUAD Runners!!

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Which state is going to produce for us today?

We have 5 states that are MAXED out on their quads...

MO Evening = 2671 skipped days...

NY Midday = 2264 skipped

SC Evening = 1845 skipped

VA Midday = 1262 skipped

PA Midday = 1208 skipped

Other noteable states to watch...

CT Evening = 1015 skips

DE Midday = 1673

DE Evening = 1228

MD Midday = 1316

Ohio Midday = 1231

PA Evening = 1030

TN Evening = 1036

Tri St. Midday = 1127

Which one....


new york straight  is  2246

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NYSlugger 777
In response to goodpicks3

I think you meant 2,264.... No quads ever hit in a Midday draw here in NY since the 2 drawings per day format started back in December 2001.Also all  eight quads that have hit in NY since 1980 were all odd, none of them were even! That means next time a Quads hit in NY it will probaly be an EVEN Number there are only 5 of them.The last Quad to hit was back on January  27th 2005 it was the 5555.(evening draw)


0000,  2222,  4444,  6666,  8888.

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In response to NYSlugger 777

hey slugger,  Thats weird the last time louisiana got a quad it was January 27th 2008 it was 5555Evil Looking whats with the jan.27th?  Did anyone else get 5555 in jan.27th on any year?

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New York breaks thru...

2nd longest Quad out there...


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tungsten chef

doesn't west virgina count?? it's out over 5000+.

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In response to tungsten chef

Really?  I must have missed that

5,198 to be exact!

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Kentucky threw up a Quad tonight...


Had it on my hot list and as a due pair but never played it.

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In response to Rakster

I had posted somewhere on here that a quad was coming soon in either GA, IL, or KY. I, of course did not win because for some strange reason I only played 5555, 7777, and 9999.

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I'm looking for Ohio Midday to throw us one. 

Ohio evening just threw the 1111 Vtrac 4 draws ago.

Were due Midday for a Quad..:)

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HMMMM...what will the Quad be? I played 0000 a month ago....5000 has came up twice.What?

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