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Check for your States ..Consecutive Straight skip

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                                        Check your state...  123 234 345 etc.  There are 10 which should average around every 16 draws or so.  If you played ....say 4 states all at one time that would be 40 boxes ...or 240 straights or 24% of the 1000 chart....   

  That means that one of the 40 should be hitting around every 4th. draw .  Hmmm  Kinda ready now I would say. LOL

Tri State (M)66
KY (M)48
NJ (M)45
OH (M)32
IN (M)29
NY (M)23
DE (M)23
IL (M)21
CT (M)19
TN (M)15
MD (M)14
DC (M)11
TX (M)8
CA (M)8
VA (M)6
MI (M)5
GA (M)2
SC (M)2
MO (M)1
PA (M)1
WIN  D's avatar - q05Q0
In response to WIN D

      Some online players may be tempted to play 10.00 on midday and cover the Top four States ...

 Tri state  ...... KY  ......  NJ  .....and OH 


         Playing all 4 states midday.....    40 x .25 =  10 bucks 


            Wonder if anyone is tempted to play em' Straight.  Win 150 bucks .....  Its a 1 n 6 chance it will hit in Ascending order.

  Hey.... all 4 could hit in one draw !     Risk 10 maybe hit $600.00   Risk STr/box.. insurance perhaps.

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