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Which gives me a better chance of winning a lottery?


Buying 100 tickets for 1 drawing or 50 tickets for 2 drawings?

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It depends on which night you are wearing your lucky underwear.

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In response to JWBlue

NO matter what game you play (P3, jackpots, etc) theoritically 100 tickets for one drawing gives better shot...because you cut down the maximum odds by 100 vs 50...but of course you can win with a dollar also..i hope you'r not throwing $100 at the mega next only takes a dollar...and of course you can keep playing with $100 all the time and never hit..

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If you mean walking in and buying 100 tickets for one drawing, or walking in and buying 50 tickets for two drawings, VERSUS walking in and buying 100 tickets for one drawing - as opposed to walking in and buying 50 tickets for one drawing, and then walking in before the NEXT drawing and buying 50 tickets,   I'd do the last scenario - OR if that is not an option, buy the 100 tickets for one drawing.

Why ?

Glad you asked.

If you buy the 50 X 2 in one shot, if you get a 3x, or even a 2x match, it's a pretty fair shot to say ALL those numbers (you hit) will NOT repeat in the next drawing.

I have seen instances where 2 numbers will repeat from one drawing to the next, but it's very rare. 

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In response to benmas

I Agree!


Sorry for the silly answer, but that's the way I often feel.  What game are you talking about? 

JW, you said "the lottery" so I assume you mean a jackpot game.  If you have a game like PB with odds of 1 in 146,107,962 and you buy 100 tickets, there are still 146,107,862 combinations that might be picked.  Of course the more tickets you buy, the better your odds are of winning and also getting a few numbers for a lesser prize.  You can look at the history and try to eliminate previous winning combinations, since it's unlikely they will be repeated.  Still, if there are only 104 games a year, in 10 years you've only eliminated 1,040 of the combinations. 

A state lottery has lower odds.  FL, for example, has odds of 1 in 22,957,480.  But again there are about 22,957,380 other numbers you could have played.  I know people who spend $100 every week, have all sorts of wild systems, and haven't won a jackpot yet.

Of course mathematically the odds are better when you play 100 combinations at a time instead of 50.  However, if you believe that there is some kind of pattern or system to follow, I would choose 10 tickets for 10 drawings.  It's less painful.

Good luck!  Smiley

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In response to JWBlue

Mathematically there's no difference, save the exception of buying the same numbers more than once for the same drawing.



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In response to johnph77

YES there is a BIG difference MATHEMATICALLY!!! The 100 being equal to 50x2 or 10x10 or any other is a mirage...they are not equal oddswise..

Examples to show the ODDS inequality: (I know the examples may not make sense sometimes profit wise but the are intended ONLY to show the odds inequality comparison)

Pennsylvania Pick 3 nite:

Which is better? (trying to hit it straight only):

case 1 (Extreme casE):

playing $1000 in 1 drawing or 1 number for 1000 draws?

playing $1000 in one draw guarantees a win 100%...(you lose $500)

playing $1 for 1000 draws is not sure to win...Example # 012 has not been drawn straight since 1993 thats 15 years nearly 5500 could lose $1000 (or even $5500)

case 2 (average case):

Play $500 for two drawings or $2 for 500 draws?

playing $500 for two draws gives a 50:50 shot twice..or overall 25% success

playing $2 in 500 draws gives 0.002^500=~0.00000001


With the amount you listed $100 it comes down to personal choice of playing...but strictly speaking in order to increase odds as much as you can the $100 in one draw is better...BUT no matter what split you make IT DOESN'T GUARANTEE anything..

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Coin Toss


"...playing $1000 in one draw guarantees a win 100%...(you lose $500)..."

No, it may not guarantee a win. Numbers get shut out due to payount ceilings. Maybe the day someone (crazy enough) to play all 1,000 combinations (straight) attempts it on July 4th and 776 gets shut out. 

Bye bye one large ($1,000).

And in your own statement above, you proved that with such a "win" you lose $500. Losing $500 is only considered a win in the funny farm. (Note the last line of my sig.)

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In response to Coin Toss

Well ...I was trying to give a few examples purely based on a statistical or mathematical viewpoint that $100 in one shot is not equal to $50 in two shots ODDSWISE...

i HAVE NEVER heard of numbers being shut out due to payout celings....Are you referring to internet bets??...I would appreciate if you can explain it why or excatly how they would shut out a number like that...

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In response to JWBlue

1 Ticket for 100 Drawings.

In response to benmas

In Florida and many states, they do have a limit or cap for any set. I once tried purchasing 911 on that date last year and the clerk told me it was sold out. Not only that. I found it very peculiar one day, when a  guy in front of me was purchasing some set of numbers that had no significance that I could think of, and the clerk said the max was hit.

I asked the clerk what the number was, and she it was something like 327 or something unordinary. I was shocked to say the least. I always thought that numbers like 911, 711 were probably the most purchased and that's why they would hit the limit. I guess I was wrong.

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In response to Raven62

While that is true, you still won't have much or any chance at all, because on jackpot kind of games there are just way too many combinations of numbers.

On a game such as on the pick 3, playing 100 combos versus only 1 or 50 will make a big difference, but mostly boxed and not so much straight.

What instead makes more of a difference is the prediction technique used to get such numbers, not so much for jackpot games, but more for the pick 3.

For jackpot games in the end the amount of numbers bought might matter the most. 

On the pick 3 a good combination of both will do it (Technique and Ammount). 

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In response to JWBlue

I think it's all has to do with luck. You could try doing it both ways and still not win.

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SOME people here are twisting the original question asked....Statistically (odds) $100 in one shot is better than $50 in two matter what the game....We can discuss at length what ways you PREFER to play with one hundred bucks but the guy asked what option between the two he asked gives better shot at winning

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In response to benmas

And many answers were given to him. How about you let others answer they way they want and you can answer the way you want. No need to tell others how the discussion should fall.

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