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Can One Really Predict Numbers ...

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hi to all , again i must say this is the only site where the only goal is to make some green . so manny knowledge here . ok let's get to the point . 

i have been out for almost a month now , reason is i've been working on a system that have a 95 % - 98 %  win . again i'm not bragging here , i learn that sometime we tend not look at the obvious and missed to look at what is in front of us . hope you understand what i am saying here . 

for example the pick 3 depending of the month as 62 draw or less , what if there is a system that can generate 60 to 80 numbers included singles, doubles, and triples for a whole month with a guaranteed win at every draw . 

ok , i know some of you think that it is inpossible and this what i am trying to prove true , that it is possible . right now after a whole month of working on system that is still in trial, i am able to predict all draw at least for nyc or it could be for all state . 

the question for you all is how manny numbers is too much or if you are guaranted a win there isn't  too much number .  so i'm waiting for everyone reply on this subject . again no brag  ok , and soon i will post the numbers for nyc february (singles and doubles and triples ) and if someone want me to post numbers for their own state , i'll be glad to do so k. 

for example , you play let's say 40 numbers at .50 cents and won  so 20 profit , then you play again  50/50 and won 290 , profit 250 and so on so forth . this is what i am trying to achieve , put alot of time to it and i will post my set of number on LP for you all , my first month on LP i won 7 gees only by playing numbers that some of you have posted  so this is my way to give back .

So  how manny numbers is too much??  i'm for all of ya reply k .

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Anything over 20 is too much. When there are so many can never see the obivious. If you only have a couple of number you can play heavy, then the payoff will be heavy when the numbers hits.

Doubles and trip bigger payoff.

Let's go New York.

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The amount of numbers that would be too much depends on the payouts, no?


If a 6-way pays for example 80$ for 1$ plays / number, then playing 81 numbers would be too much.
Ofcourse, 80 numbers would also be too much, since one wouldn't make a profit, so the max turns out to be 79 numbers. In the end of the day, if one is sure his/her numbers will have the winning number, there will always be a profit. One full dollar.


Every amount of numbers, less than 79 is good, to better to excellent.


The main thing is, making a profit in the end of the day (or month, as you mentioned)


Ofcourse, 1$ dollar a day is not exactly very exotic, nothing anyone dreams are made of. But for the person that can spend 100$ per number it becomes more interesting, since his or her profit will be $100 a day. And only if there is a guarantee of the winning number being amongst the set of 79 numbers...


Some people develop an allergy when it comes to playing more than for example 10 numbers, which they are entitled to do ofcourse, but the less numbers played the chances drop ofcourse.
I truly don't care much if i play 35 numbers one day, 29 numbers the next day and 47 numbers the day after, as long as when i hit there is a profit.
I sometimes play 125 numbers (i usually only play straight numbers, and only online where the payout is 900 to 1), i play those numbers using a progression (using a small program i created for it) and i always make a profit. One thing 'tho, one needs a bankroll to play that way and get rid of any scaring thoughts like "oh gee, if i don't hit today i'll have to stop playing and all i invested will be gone"...) 


Profit, that's the main goal, i guess. 


cheers & good luck,

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Rubi 311

If you could guarantee a win every draw, you could play more numbers.  How about Illinois?  Thanks!

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As a platinum member, you can post up to 50 combinations per drawing and test your system on the prediction board.  If it can show a profit there then it can show a profit in the real game.  Good luck to you.

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How many numbers really does not matter.

It all boils down to one thing and one thing only.

PROFIT $$$$$$$$$$

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In response to JAP69

YES profit and also time and effort, could play things like this: 2 LOW AND 1 HIGH # ..occurs 37.5% so you could take a chance and play $375 and win $500 (profit $125) or 2 odds 1 even or 2 even 1 odd (they occur 37.5 of the time)...if you have a lot of money for playing lotto you could double up when losing (martingale<<i don't recommend this) and chase any of the above (they usualy come out around 4 draws or less on average) and then win a profit of ~$100 at the end..but not worth the time and huge effort to do can  end up risking thousands to make a $100 profit and at the end of the day for the time you putt in it could pay around $5 per hour which is the same as working at fast food...THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES ON LOTTO..

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In response to RJOh


I Agree!>>>>>>>as the psyko on LP "I AGREE" with RJOh^^^

IT appear's you can or have the ability to develop a lottery

system scheduled to DELIVER a "PLAY for PROFIT"...............

OH by the wey>>>>Don't use that name as I have just.......

published it for tttttttttthe first time & date on LP for the BIG

WORLD to seeeeeeeeeee for the very first time (as TD above)

OH by the wey>>>>>>Don't use the BIG WORLD words in the

advertisement of your new system!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES, all of the above has been published and put in public^^^

domain & copyright  has been COMPLETED as far as I CARE !!!


The BALL is now in your court>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    "now show us the winning BALL's"



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anything worth having takes effort...a lot of it...but since you are so keen on this unique idea...what about Ga...i am very curious...since repeat citty is going on triples or quads...i mean the rest of the world is moving on...but we are standing still...



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NOT possible in my opinion psykomo...IT seems i read posts like these all the time smbdy guarantees they have system to win best you can win some if you are on a hot streak...but things will even out in the long run...Those that say you need a large budget to win ...IF i have a large budget i probably open a business and not play lotto....Average person here doesn't have a large can one win consistently with $10 bux and a million combinations????????

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In response to benmas

"how can one win consistently with $10 bux and a million combinations????????"

This is about pick3, there are 1000 straight numbers, or 220 boxed combo's, not millions...

I never said one needs a large budget to win, i wrote that playing the way i play one needs a bankroll.

I, and many others if not all, don't play pick3 to get rich... 

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OK, well i probaly misunderstood your intentions of your post here but i still dont beleive your "95 % - 98 %  win " <<< RIDICULOUS ..IF IT WERE YOU'LL BE RICH..  you are not fooling me ..i mean you better talk with simple terms, there is no need to HYPE stuff...i DO beleive that you have a good way of winning at pick 3 but not 98%...

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In response to benmas

Still, perhaps you are mistaking me with newguy07...
i don't hit 98% of the time...

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In response to paurths

yeah i did mistake you with the rookie ..sorry ..i just go nuts when someone says 90% and above win guarantee..geez

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In response to benmas

I Agree!

whitch U benmas


PukeI Agree!Pukenow all we need is for someone............

to SECOND the MOTION    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


The motion was put on the TABLE to SEE the BALL's of any, any, &

we repeat ANY software developer's WINNING Number's....before

anyone has to buy the WHOLE-HOG of a system............................

NOW let me state that if U as a developer must join LP in a or in a

certain way to PROVE UR WORTH................then so-bee-it!!!!!!!!!!!

THAT is called the COST of doing BUSINESS$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

WE as 100,000 LOTTERY POST member's donot CARE about "UR"

stinking system until "YOU">>>>>>>>>>>YES>>>>>>>>YOU>>



DO we have a 2nd to the proposed>>>

 "MOTION" Puke



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