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The date system

Thu, Feb 14, 20086-9-5
Wed, Feb 13, 20085-2-1
Tue, Feb 12, 20087-8-2
Mon, Feb 11, 20081-4-1
Sun, Feb 10, 20081-1-2
Sat, Feb 9, 20085-5-4
Fri, Feb 8, 20085-0-1
Thu, Feb 7, 20087-4-7
Wed, Feb 6, 20087-3-9
Tue, Feb 5, 20081-1-8


This dosen't happen everyday but it can be costly, and someone can try to narrow the amount played.

This is the last ten days winning Florida numbers.

Looking at Feb 5th: Date: 2-5-2008: Not much except for the 8 in the last pos. for 118.

Feb. 6, 2-6-2008: Nothing, but it gets better, just hang in there.

Feb: 7, 2-7-2008: The 2(month)+2(2008)=4...the 7, and the 7 again for a winning number of 747.

Feb: 8, 2-8-2008: 8+2=10....but no 5 in there. We got the 01 for the winning number of 501. Nothing much.

Feb, 9  2-9-2008: 2+2=4....Only the 4 in 554.

Feb, 10,  2-10-2008: 112 was the winning number. No addition or subtraction needed. the date itself shows the winning number.

Feb 11,  2-11-2008: 1 as it is.....2+2=4......and another 1....winning number was 141.

Feb, 12,   2-12-2008: We got the 8 in 2008. 2+1+2+2=7.....and the 2 in the date and month. Winning number was 782

Feb 13   2-13-2008: 2+3=5.....the month is 2........and the 1 in 13. Winning number was 521.

Feb 14  2-14-2008: The 4 in 14...4+2(month)=6...The 8+1(1 in the 14) =9.....and 4+1=5....winning number was 695

Now I know what you're probably thinking. To cover every possible combo can be costly. And you would be correct. So try to find a pattern, and reduce the sets played.

Tonight is 2-15-2008:

2+1=3.....2+5=7.....2+2=4....2+8=10.......2+6(15)=8.....2+3(the 1 in 15 plus the 2 in 2008)= 5...and so on....Then you have to do subtractions also.

Possible numbers for tonight based on additions and subtractions:

262   228   244   217   215   212   248   216   211   263   276   278   242   262   601   105   101   102   664   737   768   864   862   868   828   624   558   465   281   285   615   616   732   738   784   718   717   710   312   652   351   352   358   342   348   347   337   335   

And much more I'm sure.

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GL with your picks..but logically the dates have nothing to do with the numbers i was impressed with your math...if + or - don't work i think you better try * and / next.


Well I could have had a winner straight if I was willing to spend the money.

2-15-2008 = winner was 359

2+1=3.......the number 5....and 8+1=9

four4me's avatar - gate1
In response to benmas

Your statement is not exactly true some astrologist will concur that there are given numbers for every day based on ones time of birth (hour they were born) date of birth (day they were born) Month (month they were born)  it's called numerology.

Another way to look at dates for numbers is to take todays date and do a little jiving of the numbers in Maryland the midday numbers was 660 and 6667 todays date is 02/16/2008

2 - 8 = 6 ------------ 2 - 8 = 6 ------ 2 + 2 = 4-----  6 and 4 = 10 midday 660

By adding or subtracting numbers in todays date you can possibly come up with the number to play it all depends on how you do it and what numbers you form from doing it. I'll let you figure out how 6667 could have been made from todays date.

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Big John was i need it to hit me...




2-16-2008...winning number for Florida was 983. We have another winner.


LAVERNE MALONEY's avatar - smallgirl

Hey there pac, I have found that the simplest of systems are the best money maker$.

Fri, Jan 25, 2008 FloridaCash 34-7-0


The 4=5-1, 7=2+5, 0=take the 0 in 01 or one of the zeros in 2008. 


Sat, Jan 26, 2008 FloridaCash 35-1-2



The 5=6-1 or 8-2-1, 1=the 1 in 01 or 2-1, 2=8-6 or the 2 in 26 or the 2 in 2008.

That's a smart idea pac!

In response to LAVERNE MALONEY

Thanx Laverne, but as you can see, the possible numbers can be expensive. I recently had an idea of how many of those winning numbers can come out from just doing math from left to write, and from right to left, without having to skip and jump around. That would be less expensive. I'll have to check that out with some back testing when I have the time.

As an example for tonight's Florida possible numbers using left to right, the possible string to work with would be the following;






And so on. Then do it from right to left. But right to left would just be the same numbers in reverse or mirror. So maybe just play the first set from left to write


We had another winner for 2-17-2008 for Florida. The winning number was 541.

7-2=5...........2+2=4...........And the 1 in 17........=541

four4me's avatar - gate1

2/17/2008 mid 964    eve 411

                  mid 3576 eve 5799

i played 3586 and 904 for midday
and didn't use the formula for the evening draw. noNo Pity!


We have another winner. Tonight's Fla. winner was 928.


8+1=9.......the month 2.......and the 8 in 2008......928...Voila !


WOW ! We have another winner for 2-19-2008

The winner was 835

9-1=8.......2+1=3..........2+2+1=5....835...Voila !

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Hey Pac, I've gone back and tested this on Oklahoma's #s and amazingly this system works about 90% of the time (estimate). Tonight in Oklahoma for example.......drawn # was

2192008: 2+2+1+5




The key obviously is to figure out the right math equations to use. Unfortunately, I don't see any way to narrow that down other than plain dumb luck. Looks like a great discovery though for anyone who wants a good starting point for numbers, or as a way of narrowing down choices.

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By adding and subtracting the numbers in the date, you can come up with the winning numbers as you can formulate the numbers to work any way you choose to make it seem like you won. In most of the scenarios from these posts, the equations keep changing to suit the winning numbers.  Interesting outlook on it though.

Omniscient's avatar - Lottery-017.jpg
In response to pacattack05

If the Above formula worked last night, then it's safe to say that this equation is correct for tonight...


0-2= -2(2).... 2+2=4 .... 2+2+2=6 ... 246  for 2-20-08 Pick 3(boxed)

Does this sound right?? (trying to be optimistic See Ya!  )



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