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Are Quick Picks not random?


I am going on a tangent from my thread about RNG drawings not being random.  People gave reasons why they are not.  Does this mean that Quick Picks are not random either since they are generated by a computer program?


About QP's


Qick Picks are generated at the terminal level - not by the central system.


A lot of people say that numbers should not repeat on a ticket - if they do, they assume that the numbers are not "random". You have to understand, the only limit to picking a number is if it has already been chosen within that individual play/bet/line. Once you start telling your program "pick me some numbers - except, don't pick anything that has already been picked on this ticket" you REALLY don't have random anymore.


The number generators are based on algorythms. Are they perfectly random? No. (Anti-RNG folks love to pount out that nothing made by man is perfectly random). Do they go through all sorts of review to achieve "substantial" randomness? In most states, yes. For example, in CA, one of UCLA's stats professors took QP samples and tested for randomness on every game before the game was launched. I believe TX does the same thing w/UTA. They absolutely should be tested thoroughly, as should the RNG's for the draw programs. Some of the "glitches" that have happened lately are inexcusable.


I spent 20 years in the industry. Factor that in as well.

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In response to Drivedabizness


Since you've been in the industry and in CA.  Would you please answer a couple of scratcher questions for me?


1.   Are all the tickets sent out from the lottery office at once or do the retailers reorder them when they run out?

2. Are the tickets mailing random, I mean there are no higher winners amounts in one city than the next?  it seems like the scratchers and raffle tickets and even the Super Lotto plus have higher occurance in LA county than any other.  Or maybe its because that county is so huge that the majority of the 19,000 retailers are out there anyway.


Thanks in advance.

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